I love the new Station Ambience

I dunno if this post would be better suited elsewhere, possibly distracting from all the bug reports in Feedback.
But, as someone who really, really appreciates audio immersion in games, the new sights and sounds in all of the Big 4’s stations is just a delight. I really, really love it and wanted to let you know. k thx bai


I like that my ship actually settles into its docking position in player structures.


“At NOH, Boredom is the Enemy!”

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Were you the guy who made it?

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There is a change I would make. When a person is multiboxing, there should only be sound for the active window of any char in a station. If I have one char in space and another in a station nearby, I don’t want to be hearing the station sounds when I am active in the char in space. Of course, I ‘could’ just turn the sounds down for the char in the station, but in my view this should automatically occur by default. Any inactive window showing a station should have sound muted.

What new sights and sounds?

Preferably should be a toggle setting for that captain. I expect at least some multiboxers use sounds from inactive windows to indicate when another window needs attention.

Certainly that should be the case if all characters are in space…excellent way of knowing if a ship in an inactive window is being attacked. Plus there is very little sound in space anyway if you disable the music. But there’s really no reason for the station sound from an inactive window to be playing.

There’s that whole “Inactive Client Muting” section with about 20+ options in Settings - Audio, you know.

Including switching off specifically e.g. “Stations Interior” and “Structure Ambience” when the client is inactive.


Im not sure which ambience you are referring to but the ambience in the main jita station is distracting, its like they tried to be funny, but the things being said is not funny or interesting. and it gets repeated every minute.

Then Get Out of the Station.

Maybe actually play the game…

–Gadget suggests

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You make it seem as if there is no good reasons to be in a station and that people who are docked are not playing the game

And you are showing your lack of reading comprehension in real time.

–Gadget notes

How so

Btw. do you write “–Gadget notes” manually in every post or is it automatic?

Stop sealioning, or post on your main.

–Gadget doesn’t work at Sea World

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This is my main on the forums, i have an alt as well^^

You can’t expect funny quotes from the Caldari :stuck_out_tongue:

And to me any anouncements in Caldari stations sound like this:

Try Gallente stations. You can hear every word loud and clear.

I didn’t! But, as an NOH citizen and contractor, I am happy with our new marketing campaign and catchy slogan!

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I turn the sound off on my headset when I dock and turn it back on with the music off when I undock.

As a poor who can only afford one character at a time, I think the rich players should be punished by having all the windowed account’s audio set to high so the player is forced to listen to every single account and have to think about the consequences of being rich and being able to afford more than one account.