Look what i found :)

I am preparing to move to my new home and i am sifting to my old stuff.
Hold and behold the original copy of eve.
I even have the receipt 11 oktober 2003.

i sepnt to much time in eve but wanted to share … some true history :wink:


James 315 look so different on the cover than he does now. I think he got botox and rhinoplasty or something.


This is awesome, thank you for sharing! Congrats on the new home too


ha you paid 4.5 euros for this ■■■■

How much ISK would it take to get you to record yourself destroying it?

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Captura de Tela 2020-09-13 às 19.15.28
im in love :heart:


Make a contract in jita for that disk

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For anyone who doubted that eve was designed with nefarious activity and cutthroat gameplay in mind;

Read and weep.


Something something about that no longer being a viable business plan, and we need to change EVE and remove all of its rough edges so that it appeals to casual gamers.

CCP should have just enterprized EVE’s development from the start; then it wouldn’t have had so many bugs and so much code rot.

I’m all for improved tutorials(explo tut really needs some help) and more ships/skills/ activities, but not for removing the danger. I really don’t like that they did away with the old clone system and losing skill points if podded with an out of date clone.

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You had me at aphrodisiac :smirk:

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Something something about you being a gankbear griefer sociopath psycho who should be locked away in prison to not disturb polite society.

To be fair, the old clone system was pretty shitty because it penalized older players for flying smaller ships, engaging in dangerous/suicidal behavior, etc. Having to pay an extra hundred million for wanting to throw an assault frigate into an enemy blob, just because you’re an old player, kinda sucks.


I’m not sure where you get that first part from, I don’t have a single kill.

As for the second part, are you saying it penalized older players because of the increasing cost of higher sp clones? I’ll admit it wasn’t a perfect system.

I’m just being sarcastic, dude.

Yup. Even with an empty close, the clone cost would exceed the cost of a T2-fit T2 frigate. It turned players with older characters away from flying smaller ships, or from engaging in fights they had little chance of winning just for the hell of it. It might have seemed like a sound game mechanic back when the game was new, and people weren’t running around with 9-digit SP counts, but in practice turned out to be ill-conceived.

Sorry, sarcasm scanner was offline.

I got up to about 37 million sp back then. Maybe I’m not remembering 8+ years ago so well, but from what I remember updating your clone was as routine as keeping ships insured. I always thought it was kind of a cool risk factor, it was one of the things that made eve unique back then.

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Unique, yes I suppose but man! How horrible was it to forget to upgrade your clone after being podded?

I had lost SP only once, and it was because I never thought to upgrade it after returning from a long break. And I once had an FC self destruct to get home faster, only to lose a few days on one of his skills

I don’t think Eve lost much getting rid of that mechanic. That and learning skills

i loved the skill loss mechamic, so many many ragey eve mails whining how it would take them 30 days or more to get back into their shiny ship:).

back when i started podding i lost rapid firing 5, 3 or 4 times in a month. every Friday night i would get podded and forget to upgrade my clone and get podded again then i retrained it again just to lose it again the next weekend, the funny thing was i was flying single shot thrashers and didnt even use rapid firing but i still kept retraining it.


hehe the old eve life was allot of fun.

Do you remeber missle splash damage?
fitting cruise missles in to small missle launchers.

Mine ships from out of astroids.

Before isk there was something thet called credits… and you needed to move those credits in your cargo hold on order to buy something.

the ganka geddon :slight_smile:

all the gold pods who are now new ships :slight_smile:


1 trillion :slight_smile: