Look what i found :)

This is awesome. It’s great to see how much the game has changed

When were your screenshots taken?

Holy jesus that looks more fun than current eve wth I wanna mine a titan out of a rock smh


Mine Blown…wow…so cool

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Also note that solo gameplay was part of the concept from the start.

–Gadget prefers having friends, though


That story doesn’t add up, dreadnaughts came when posses came to the game. Deff not in beta.

The guy talking about dreadnaughts is talking about something that had just happened to them as a consequence of Xirt’s early encounter with the fellow that he trapped in his cargohold.

hehe do you know there is an whole range of jovian ships?
I have been to jovian space once during an eve tournament.


Oh an Eidolon. Are the Jovian ships still in the database?

I need to check on some old backups. There will still be screenshots from the years 2007-2009 of me running missions and taking pictures of my Raven and shooting out torpedoes to 90km…

Im still really sad they did not add jovian race to the game. they had such great lore, and the weapons i always wanted (mesons).

I really wish ccp would change pulse laser to Klingon meson pew pew. it’d make amarr 100% more superior to other races.