New Shiphangar


as we always like to complain about CCP, id like to put something sexy up.

Did you check the “new” Shiphangars they made? Imo they look great.

Here are 2 Example Screenshots with Max Settings:

Its not like they added a new Ship or more Content but they look great anyway ;).

What do you think about them?

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I look at the pictures and wonder: Where are the new hangars? I mean, at least on those screens nothing but lights and flicker was added. The super cap hangar is “new” but still just the same super cap hangar.

Where do you get the “new” from?

Thats why i said “new”.
They are not realy new, just look better :wink:

I recently bought hel and can somebody tell me wtf I cannot spin that ■■■■ in my hangar? :slight_smile:

When is this coming Eve, which update?

woop dee do who ■■■■■■■ cares about hangers

I do, it would be nice to see an updated hanger! stop being boring


Would also be nice to see own hangars for Upwell structures instead of a retextured Caldari Hangar

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Can we have more variety, why do so many have to be the same. I know you may only dock for 10 seconds but it would be nice to see different backgrounds.

I hate them
I’m sick of the ads, so I used to look straight down
…now that is an annoying flashlight - just as bad as the ads

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