Flag Ship / Banner Ship

Hello fellow Capsule cosmonauts!

So what is the idea here? Well…

What about a ship that has a giant holographic banner on top of it. Much like the holographic banners you get on top of structures, showing which faction owns the structure, or like the holographic banners around star gates. So when you go into battle you can have a literally Flag Ship or Banner-Man ship.

Why? If you want the simple answer; just for rule of cool. Perhaps it could be a module, but I can’t help but feel it would be better as an actual ship all its own, like the monitor perhaps. You could really explore the concept if you wanted and talk about maybe bonuses that having the “flag up” would give, or the ship itself gives some sort of bonuses or something like that, but I think just the ability to have a ship that is basically a giant flying flag is the important part here, it doesn’t even need to have any other features than that.

It wouldn’t be for everybody or every situation of course. There is no doubt that some people would really enjoy the idea of “flying the flag”, literally, into battle.

So that is the idea, what does everybody think?

Give Monitor a special skin that will have a holographic waving flag and you dont need a new ship.

Yep, that’s probably one way you could do it. ^^

I’m all in favor of “flavor” additions, so long as they don’t take away from dev time fixing actual issues.

Although…given what the devs have been up to lately, maybe they need a bit of distraction from actual changes.

Either way, +1, either as a new hull or a SKIN to an existing non-combat hull.

A few months back, I was commenting in chat about how I thought the holo banners on the stargates were a cool touch. Someone pointed out that the Yoiul Festival YC121 SKINs for Typhoon and Dominix have the holo banners. I was pleasantly surprised to see the holo banners indeed hanging from those ships, but also disappointed that no such SKIN existed for my fav ships.

If the OP wasn’t aware of those SKINs, would they be considered Flagship worthy? Some may consider the holo banners tacky, but personally I think the current ship banners are pretty cool, however could be placed better, and a bit bigger, and stand out more, maybe even at WH40K level.

I kinda wonder if CCP forgot they had the capabilities to add the banners, since those two are the only ones that I’m aware of. I’m kinda surprised they don’t add a bunch of different types in the store. I’d totally drop real money on ship holo banners for my fav ships, but not at like $20 per like Hex SKINS. But at maybe $5-ish, hell yah.

Oops. Looks like they are still utilizing the capabilities of adding holo banners to ship skins. Just saw the store newly added banner skins to the Leviathan, Wyvern, and Minokawa.

CCPlease, MOAR holo banners on ship skins!

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