So can someone tell me more about this interesting ship?

I’ve not played EVE much lately (even though I’ve kept my Omega status, don’t know why…sigh)

Anyway, it’s the Flag Cruiser, the Monitor. When did CCP release this interesting ship?

Opinions? Please post here.

Looks like its been around for a while, since 2018 March. Is it even usable in the game? Seems like its just ignored.

I’ve seen it used in fleets.

It’s an FC ship that, to some degree, prevents headshotting. It is pretty useless in any other situation.

It was designed for an FC to fly since evrywhere as spies and can just relay who the FC is in the enemy fleet and once he is taken out than the fleet goes to hell. its suppose to be a tough ship with the ability to use a weak target painter so they can atleast get on killmails.


sounds like another failed experiment of a ship. I mean I applaud CCP for going out on a limb with this concept but it’s results are very marginal.

According to this thing it sees regular use.

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This ship has a very specific use case and it is successful in it’s intended role. If your assessment is because you rarely see them in highsec - well you rarely see capitals or supers in highsec - doesn’t mean they are failed experiments!

It ain’t a templar, an amarr fighter used by carriers.

Thanks for the link. Seems very popular with the bigger corps (Goonswarm and Test Alliance) which makes sense because it’s easier to bankroll by corps like them. A few even killed in Hi Sec, Perimeter mainly. Would that be because of the Keepstar that is in Perimeter, and folks waging a siege-war against it?

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