How's the Monitor then?

Been away. How has the Flag Cruiser worked out on TQ in practice?

Tanky, target painter and has 0 cargo space and you will probably get carriers droped on ya

It works great for it’s intended purpose, which is to sit in the hangar and spin…

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On the last public fleet I was part, Bjrons Minotor surived until we where back in high sec.
But that fights also weren’t about sov or any strategic stuff.

Hmm… I’m curious about this as well. Is it getting used? Is it providing value? There didn’t seem to be very high expectations for it in the early threads about it.

first time i saw one seriously used was when I saw Elo Knight in one during a close to 600 player engagement in null, before escalation, leading a subcap fleet about a month ago. No one wasted any time/dps attempting to headshot him out of the fight, so I’d say it is working great and proving its concept as a great FC ship when you are expecting a substantial amount of damage on field where it’s enough to one shot you out of the fight.

CCP are still Monitoring the situation :stuck_out_tongue:


Get out! :blush:

They seem to be whoring much more than they are being lost.

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its a piece of metal.

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