Flag Ship Bonuses For Capitals

so I admit I don’t know much about the capital ships in game. however i thought if flying in a fleet formation perhaps a capital or above could be able to be marked as a flag ship, this flag ship mark will provide some kind of bonus perhaps to fighters on grid maybe other ships too.

i think it would be cool to see actual squads & wings flying in formation and the wing commander gets a bonus to something or the whole group gets a bonus. i suppose imagine this would be scaled depending on fleet numbers and doesn’t necessarily have to apply to damage it could be shields or repair rates or simply shield recharge rates just as example.

i think it would be cool if two capitals with support fleets meeting on grid got to duke it out with some serious back and fourth, it would just be a case of getting and bonus and balance correct, what would be of any benefit though i do not know.

just thought the concept was cool.

The idea of a flag ship would be like for example a Vehement on a Moros fleet or a Paladin amongst a fleet of Apocalypse ships, you know when someone is flying blingy they have to be the leader of the pack. Wouldn’t that make more sense?

that’s definitely one way to look at it.

honestly though anything further i can comment on any possibility of how it works would be purely speculative on my part. especially in terms of mechanics and or bonuses.

but one thing i do think is that this should only happen if you have a fleet flying in formation of a certain size.

so frigates could be like 6 man fleets

caps, supers & titans might need 200+ pilots in fleet to be flag ship.
rather than expensive in terms of blingy fit but simply the larger the ship size, the better the boost. at least that’s one way of looking at it.

another option would be to mark yourself as a flagship this way an FC can be identified on grid, its my understanding you do not shoot the enemy FC’s on grid until you break the fleet.

just some thoughts, have genuinely no idea on this one, but i think there is something to the concept worth exploring.

Well the official flag ship is the monitor

You mean like command ships and titan auras…?

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