Collectibles: Sets, Achievements, Checkboxes, Cards

There are many collectible things in EVE. Various types of items, BPCs, skins, armor suits and clothes, ships etc etc. But there are no means to group them into a displayable collection. Putting things in a can makes a mess, not a collection.

Its a bit of themepark vs sandbox, ie you collect whatever you want the way you want, against set number of collections, with set number items in them. But for me personally this is a bit of a problem, OCD or something doesnt let me start collecting things unless theres a way to distinct them into categories with confirmation when a set or collection is complete.

I’d like there to be a way to combine a set of items that belong to the same category into a new collection item which would show if collection was complete and what was missing if it wasnt. For example you got Gila, Phantasm, Vigilant, Ashimmu, Cynabal and Orthrus BPCs, you combine them and recieve a Pirate Cruiser Collection which shows that Stratios is missing to be complete. Or you combine Sansha’s Nation Ship Collection. Or Complete Missile Launcher Collection which includes everything from meta light missile launcher to officer cruise missile launchers.

Turn complete collection info page into a holoreel - a carousel of 3d models for items. A collectible card pack or HQ wall posters for BPCs.

Ship SKINs collection needs some love too. Theres no way to tell how many are there, how many of them you already have.


God man, just use a cargo container like the rest of us


I do use containers to store stuff, but it doesnt look like a collection, doesnt feel like its collecting. Its hoarding, its a mess. No feeling of accomplishment or achievement.

I think it could be a great isk sink. If collections would be neat and satisfying, pleasing to possess.

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Ive got one man corp for my stuff. You’ll get 7 corporate hangars which you can label as you like and then containers as subfolders.

I have some partial OCD issues myself, I collect ships, and its really hard just to leave it with the built in sorting in hangar. I sort it by name and rename each ship accordingly.
example, since i want faction frigs on top, then T2 frigs. i name the slicer as “1N1/A Slicer”, hookbill would then be “1N1/C Hookbill”, the crucifier will have the prefix 1N2/A. For T2 frigs, i named them as follows: 1TA1/A Retribution, T for T2, A for assault, vengeance would be 1TA2, anathema would be 1TCO/A, CO= cov ops. sentinel starts with 1TEA/A, EA = electronic attack, and so on…

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You have killed 10 space rocks.

You have earned the Achievement ROCK KILLER!

–Rock Killin’ Gadget

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“For the trivial price of 25 PLEX you can unlock Premium achievements. Click here to buy now.”

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Why do you need to oversimplify. Achievement word triggers you guys? I didn’t mean it in WoW way, not those kind of achievements.

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Maybe I actually want the ROCK KILLER Title. Especially since we can’t change names and all…

–Titled Gadget

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I want to give medals and titles to people outside my corporation. :1st_place_medal:

As you are in your own corp it is easy to give yourself a title like that, you can even color code it if you want. :slight_smile:



You’re right.

You also made my night!

Have a like.


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I agree with the OP. Would be nice to have some sort of object available in game which lists all of the items associated for specific content.

For example, I’ve completed almost all of the Cosmos Agents and have gained a rather large collection of various Storyline BPC’s, Modules, Implants and Munitions just from that specific content. Due to Cosmos rewards being random, I’ve received the same type of item multiple times. After doing some research I noticed that I’m actually missing some items. I’ve bought some of them from contracts when available but it still doesn’t let me know what all is available or if I even have a complete set.

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Well at least give us some special containers :sunglasses:

Corpse Container?

I have a freight container labeled ‘Morgue’.

–Gadget, M.E.

Hey, I got Morgue too. I sometimes feed those bodies to Drifters…

Speaking of special containers

A virtual container could do. You name a separator, set items in desired order. It doesn’t check completion of set or collection, but its not a mess at least.

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i love you <3 :blush:

So I stashed some ISK, bought PLEX for 6 months ahead and didn’t know what to do with leftovers, so I went and bought some SKINs.

I was wrong in OP, ‘Character sheet -> SKINs’ there’s a gear to toggle Show All/Show my/Show not my. But still collection is quite messy right now in my opinion. So here are some suggestions

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