Just want to show my apparel and skin collection

My hobby is collecting some ship skins and apparels.

As of today, I have collected 823 kinds of skins and 214 kinds of apparels.
Because there are so many kinds, one container can’t hold it.


Everybody needs a hobby and collecting things is definitely a fun one. I collect frozen corpses.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Ahhhh Chloe.

I remember her well.


–Gadget keeps the classics alive… er… -ish


So … These skins are duplicates then, yes?

Do you happen to have an extra pair of Mitral gold shoes ?


@DeMichael_Crimson would be so proud

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no, duplicates stacked together

My skin collection is much smaller:

See, @Githany_Red? I’m the real police! And I’m coming for you, so you better watch out, because the Rion investigation is still in full swing:

It’s only a matter of time until we finally get the evidence we need, and put you away for good!


Is that the shuttle you use to transport the skin’s around in the picture :hugs:

Rion was a ganker as well as a scout we all know this, probably someone’s alt

You have some apparel missing I think ,you up for swapzs

No, something is weird with the value calculation of those 6 Dominix skins, so I put the cheapest thing I had in the station in there to see how it would sort. For some reason they show 0 weight and 0 ISK even though there are plenty on the market.

When I need to move something very important like a bunch of rare skins or T2 BPOs or my catgirl hentai collection, I use a Proteus that has close to a million EHP, so that ganking griefers like you can’t ruin my life!

Safety’s on, DON’T SHOOT!


Your pretend anti-ganking disguise has been seen through right there. :stuck_out_tongue:






Ok ignoring that, how many of these have you activated?

It is medium value collection if anything tho. Its not very valuable, you dont have for example the black SOE facemask, or EDENCOM uniform, or special genolution goggles those with different graphic. You dont have also Marshall coat.

But there are golden pants which is good.

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Looks like you got a good start going on your collection, good job. Some of the older Apparel items are really tough to get, and they’re usually pretty expensive when they show up on Market or Contracts.

I don’t know how many ship skins I have, most of the ones I had were distributed to various characters per their Faction and then activated. Guess I can get a total amount of skins by checking all my character sheets. I have 11 characters = 2 Amarr M&F, 2 Caldari M&F, 2 Gallente M&F, and the rest are Minmatar, 3 Male & 2 Female.

The last count on my Apparel collection was 620 different Male & Female items. I sorta did the same thing with the Apparel items, distributed all Faction specific items to various characters along with other items that were based on Faction color schemes.

The color scheme I try to follow is Red for Amarr, Blue for Caldari, Green for Gallente and Brown for Minmatar. For example there’s 5 different Lab Coats in the game, I sent those with matching colored Hephaestus clothing to each character based on the Faction color scheme. Course since there’s no Brown colored Lab Coats and the final 2 Lab Coats available are White with different colored accents, I assigned those to Minmatar.

Anyway, you can see what I mean in this Eve Character Scene I created in July 2020 called - Security Check At Edencom 16.

(Due to the rising threat of Triglavian Kybernauts, new security protocols have been implemented at all EDENCOM facilities throughout the New Eden cluster, including round the clock random security spot checks.)

Oh, and speaking of Triglavians, here’s 2 Kybernauts being inducted into the Glaive…

Basically the same color scheme per Faction but with Minmatar wearing the Black & Gold / Black & Silver outfits. And they’re wearing the Kybernaut outfits too.

I guess you tagged me and said that because you knew I had a large collection? Thing is I don’t remember posting that info here on the forums. But yeah, I have 620 different Male & Female Apparel items in my collection, not counting extra duplicate items that I sell in Market.

I have all of those and much much more, got some really old expensive items as well, Limited Edition stuff. My most expensive item is the Silvershore Greatcoat, next is the Gold Monocle, I forget what was next, maybe Concord Combat Suits or the SoE Lab Coats (Red/Black)…


That`s so coooool, You’re crazier than me about apparel

And I know Silvershore Greatcoat is very very very expensive.

At the same time, I’m curious about how your pictures are generated

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I mainly started collecting Apparel items due to creating Eve Character Scenes. The main intention is to portray the characters in various action scenes and showcase different Apparel items suited to their Faction.

I use Gimp, a graphics manipulation program.

Basically I enable Greenscreen option in Esc menu and enter Character Customization to get full profile screenshots of the characters - front, left and right views. Then I’ll enter the portrait screen to get screenshots of action poses. Then I’ll use the back button to go back into the customization screen and either change apparel items or just hit the back button again to exit back into station.

I then use the Gimp app to crop and remove the Greenscreen from the character profile / action pose, save it and then google search various Sci-Fi background pictures for one that fits the intended Eve Character Scene, then put everything together in Gimp. Sometimes I’ll add multiple items and or combine Sci-Fi pics to get the scene I want.

Other times I’ll use the background of the characters regular portrait as the foreground for the Eve Character Scene, basically cut a slice from the portrait, stretch it and touch it up with paint tools, then add other items from google search and finish it up with a Sci-Fi space pic for the background sky.

Basically that’s what I did in my first Eve Character Scene for Tribal Liberation Force.


Not many, two old characters activated 200 skins.

But these two characters have been abandoned by me, just 5,000,000 skill points

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