Spinning Ships

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I am spinning ships.

Its a hobby that i just started to pick up.

Very dangerous. Sometimes the ship spins too fast and i lose control.

Other times, it is slow. Like churning a handle that doesnt want to be churned. Butter is delicious, but i digress.

I love spinning. Its become very rewarding. Some of my corp-mates ask me why i do this, they think i am crazy. But is it anymore crazy than running missions or incursions all day? I think not. That is a different type of crazy. Mental. Completely off the hook.

I hope one day to undock. But until then, I must hone my skills as a ship spinner.

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Need more things to spin.

Post #2:

My first day of spinning. I have a long way to go, as you can see. But I am still starting out. Dont judge!

I started with a nice, cheap ship. An Iteron. That will do. Perhaps one day i will spin a battleship. But that just seems so far away, it boggles my mind.

I wanted to start with a shuttle, but my friend talked me out of it. Apparently, when you spin a shuttle, there is a chance for it to get damaged? I was not aware of this game mechanic. Thank you, friend, for informing me of this. I was about to waste 300,000 isk on a paperweight.

I have tried asking around what fit is best for ship spinning. Some people have said an empty ship will do, others say a module called Nanofiber Internal Structure is best. I could not find any modules named Nanofiber Internal Structure, so for now, it shall be empty. Besides, i have enough Fiber in my diet. It should be okay.

I shall hope to update this thread on my adventures with Spinning Ships!

Haha, you are quite correct. Eve should offer more ships that are capable of spinning. So far i have only heard of 4 ships that can spin. We must petition CCP to release more ships, that are capable of spinning in a hangar.

So, topicstarters loves spinners. Probably a good thing now that Incarna never came …

Post #3:

This is my Second day. It has been 2 days since i did this.

I feel like i have reached another level. Level 35. Very difficult. With each passing spin, the ship is becoming more and more rebellious. It has become sentient to its surroundings and is shouting at me.



This is what my ship shouts to me.

But I shall not give in to the temptation of stopping. I shall keep going. More on that later though.

Today, i saw something that i have not seen in a while. I saw another person spinning ships! He did not tell me that he was spinning his ship though, but you could kinda tell, kinda like how you can tell if someone is gay or not. This guy was in the station with me, sitting there, for like over 3 hours. I was spinning my ship. What else could you be doing in station, other than spinning your ship?

I tried to convo him, but he didnt answer back. Maybe he was busy spinning his ship. I understand, because it takes a lot of concentration to do so. Literally all my nerves were concentrated on my finger. The ship kept spinning. 35. I hope to reach 40 by tomorrow.

My gay-o-meter just went through the roof.

Haha, the guy sitting next to you is gay? That is unfortunate. But Gay people are very very nice, so dont be so against them!

Post #4:

I passed 40 today! Im so happy. I will soon be able to update my blog on the matter. It is getting tens and tens of hits each day. I love the enthusiasm in EVE!

Thanks to your guys donations, i will be able to purchase a new ship to spin with! Once i find a seller, i will post a new post about the new ship, and will take it for a test drive!

Next post, i will show you my secret fittings!

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