New Docking Animation Lags

The new docking animation is not only completely worthless and a total waste of time but it also doubles my docking time when multiboxing on my laptop. Could we just remove it? I know yall just added it but it really serves no purpose. Also my ships moving around while I’m docked are eating frames.

Please allow us to turn off these (and any other useless) features you add in the future. Some of us play on laptops and dont have processing power to spare.

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Also why is it taking so long to log on my characters? Could you just leave it alone if it’s not broken?

SHIFT CTRL F9 solves that problem quite nicely…

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Ooo this is nice :+1:

Ooof still shows the docking animation. Something about that animation is making me drop heavy frames and still making it take way longer to dock than it did before. Also my clients take longer to start up.

Note that this is with the graphics off. Meaning it’s still taking longer now, with graphics off, than it did before, with graphics on.

C’mon CCP. Stop tampering with stuff that doesn’t need changing. You clearly don’t have the first clue what you’re doing.

exactly the same here … not only is this new forced station interior (continuously switching graphics mode when docking/undocking on all your alts is not a feasible solution) extremely performance hungry, it also leads to drastically increased docking times. I measured almost everything from 20 to 80 seconds now just from hitting the “dock” button to actually being able to use the station.

A simple option for us to disable the whole interior and just see the ship would be more than welcome… no fancy animations, no fancy graphics inside, just the ability to quickly change ships, dock fast, be able to use the station services and hangars within a reasonable amount of time …

This last patch made any form of fast reship impossible.

One possible workaround a lot of people are using at the moment is “view outside” … but this has the downside of actually consuming a lot of gpu power for all alts that are logged in, if the surroundings of a structure are busy.

I used to browse skill queue while docking/undocking. Skill queue window did not disappear during dock in comparison with other windows. Now this docking animation is on the top of skill queue window, useless and don’t fit good with my theme (dark matter).

Can you please make an option to disable the docking text also, atleast it is smaller now. It hovers on top of everything and even sticks if you log off your character to swap to another. I can’t understand if there is a single person that likes this.

Also haven’t been able to use other than the view outside option for all of my accounts since the patch. It is basically only solution if you want to multibox. I don’t know is the aim really to make multiboxers to play with min graphic settings or what?

I don’t know, might distract someone?? Not docking to that customs office am I?

Yes please.

It takes half a minute for me for that docking notification to disappear, I don’t the point of this message. It’s annoying, in the way and not useful in any way.

Please let us turn it off.

While it’s annoying that we see this message on top of whatever we’re trying to do, it’s even worse, it still shows when we’ve already logged out! We definitely shouldn’t still see this message while we’re trying to log in another character:

In fact, I don’t need to see it at all.

Wait how long since this patched dropped and they STILL haven’t fixed this mess? I assume the station interiors still torch your GPU as well. Smh, CCP is so out of touch.

That being said, y’all should all come play Albion. It’s a way better game.

While playing Albion is a ‘solution’ (and has been my solution as well lately to when I get too annoyed with EVE’s bugs), I’d still like to get this >>>DOCKING<<< bug solved.

Marking ‘play Albion’ as the solution as the solution is misleading; the bug is still ongoing and there is no solution in sight yet.

The >>>DOCKING<<< banner occasionally disappears once I’m jumping gate to another system, after I’ve docked, relogged to an alt, undocked and warped to said gate. I don’t think it’s the intention of that banner to be in the middle of my screen that long.

I haven’t experienced this “bug”, but I also don’t use that god-awful Photon UI either…

Maybe it’s caused by Photon. After photon had been forced upon me a few times, and with the prospect of the old UI eventually being removed I am trying Photon during normal gameplay now.

I think there’s a few requirements for the bug to happen:

  • Docking in upwell structures
  • With ‘outside view’ enabled within those structures

If I dock in NPC stations or don’t have outside view enabled I don’t seem to get the bug.

However, I haven’t been playing with inside view since the interiors got a performance hit with the recent interior upgrade that made me downgrade my graphical settings, and outside view also fixes another performance problem I had with EVE (long black screens upon undocking), so I’m trying to work with whatever constraints EVE’s less than optimal performance has put me up with, only to be hit with this annoying bug.

Please fix it, CCP.

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