How do I turn off the "DOCKING" effect?

How do I turn off the “DOCKING” effect that appears when I enter the space station? It takes a long time to disappear each time.


Hahaaaa!!! You can’t.


What I do to remove the >>>DOCKING<<< banner is to log out, log in an alt, undock, warp to a jump gate and take the gate.

By the time I’ve taken the gate, the banner that my previous character was docking that was in the middle of my screen through the entire process will finally go away! Super convenient right! /s

(Please fix this bug, CCP)


I'm afraid I can not do that, Shio.



someone should make a 10 hours of docking vid.

This is a first.

I just managed to undock, take an ansiblex jump gate to another system, (going through a session change!), warp from that ansiblex to another structure and only once I landed at that structure my docking banner disappeared!

(Only to be reapplied right after when I docked. It’s still trying to dock me now…)


The prior version of this use to get “stuck” on my display. It hasn’t done that since they made it smaller.
At least, not yet anyway. Short story; Options are freedom.

So I am PRO the option to turn it off, along with any other unwanted display features. The whole UI along with the beeps, boops, and other odd sounds are mostly there to distract. I assume players have eyes, do we really need 3 displays about docking? How about the combat buzzer that tells me my shields are about to fail? Do I need an additional female AI voice to repeat it as the words flash on the screen “Shield Failure Expected” surrounded by ostentatious lights? I don’t think so. Do we need to get sensory overload from the unwanted and gratuitous displays until someone loses an eye? I think you are suppose to put some kind of metaphysical warning up on games of that nature;

Playing this game, the graphical user interface (GUI) may cause severe damage to your PC and other devices within the household, accompanied by a bright blue-gray flash and strong acrid odor, which may in turn affect nearby houseplants and cause discoloration of fine upholstery. In addition, you may experience headaches, drowsiness, nausea, severe loss of memory, high blood pressure, nosebleeds, and the heartbreak of psoriasis. Household pets may develop similar symptoms including extreme personality disorders and occasional spontaneous combustion.

I think that about covers my opinion on the subject.

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IF you have the internal station view, the Docking animation works as intended.
IF you have the look outside view , then its STUCK.
Sounds like an easy fix.

so its an easy fix since 68 days. ccp decided to do nothing.

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