Disable Docking Popup

Could someone tell me how to disable this orange “Docking” popup? It overlays on top of my mail and other windows so that I cannot see under it. It’s really annoying that I have to stop what Im doing and wait every time I dock.
If there isn’t a way, please, please change this so that players can at least disable it.

Yes, the docking popup is annoying and I too would like to turn it off.

No, we cannot turn it off.

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Such little graphic that lasts all but 5 seconds isn’t an issue, problem or annoyance to me and I don’t understand how that little thing can be so hated.
I like that the system tells me I’m docking, I can relax then, breathe and enjoy the docking sound.

@CCP If you take it out of the game it won’t matter to me but if you leave it in it isn’t an issue either. On the other hand, you could decrease the number of times newer players get hit by adverts. Like instead of 5 times in an hour maybe 2 would be at little less annoying.

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I just got me a new computer, and now it’s indeed only a matter of seconds. But with my old gear, there was time to brew a cup of coffee while docking at a Zita, and that was really annoying for sure.

And “little”? My entire screen is useless while docking, only the NES and PI work in that time.

I understand that the entire screen is also useless when some filthy pirates ( I really love 'em ) are busy giving it to me good in space as I’m unable to move as if tied up ( how hot ) and my ship disintegrates around me, leaving me naked and ravaged, floting in space in a rapturous-like but very dead state.
That doesn’t seem to be a problem to anyone then, and any thread mentioning that is automatically bombed by the PvP Brigade, so the docking popup is really no issue, it’s just another opportunity to complain about something new and cool.

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Nevertheless the problem is not the “little graphic”, but the forced break while docking which was either no problem as long as it took a few seconds and not half a minute due to changes in graphics.

Same with jumps, the whole screen is disabled; as long as ist takes three seconds, everything’s cool. But as soon as “traffic control” pops up, you get nervous.

So as soon as CCP thinks the floating corpse screen has to be much more graphically elaborated and needs a high end GPU, you can bet on players will start to complain.

Buuuut as I always tell other players over here, this is the wrong place to discuss rules or gameplay.
If you feel something’s broken or awry, try here: General Issues - EVE Online Forums

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It shouldn’t be a problem for PCs newer than 2016. Anyone can get a good PC for less than 500$/€/£ and even cheaper if they build it themselves. It’s like the Omega-too-expensive comeback countered by “It’s a McMeal’s equivalent”. If it’s valid for Omega subscription it’s also valid for PC ownership. If I spend close 300$/£/€ a year only for Omega then surely I can get myself a new PC.

That’s too generally spoken. You need proper graphics, too.
Of course one can buy some hardware from time to time, but it’s very hard to do it without complaining about changing requirements beforehand :wink:

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I have a HP, AMD A10-7800 Radeon. 12 Computer Cores 4C + 8G 3.5GHz ( anorher 8G added for total 16G RAM ) was 499€ in 2016.
Runs games like Red Dead Redemption 2. The only issues I have with EVE are network related. I was on a tight budget when I bought it but the sequel to my favorite game was finally coming out and I just had to.

I don’t doubt it. I used to have a 2013 Asus Notebook that I would plug on my flatscreen. I could forget playing any game past 2015 and mmo ran too slowly :snail: so upgrading was necessary but I didn’t sing while hopskipping to the store either. :confused:

I don’t want them to remove it. I’m just asking for a way to disable it in the settings. It turns out it doesn’t completely block you from seeing what’s under it; you just have to look past the “Docking” and other graphics with it which is a bit of a bother but not anything horrible.
Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this thread. This is my first time on the forums. Anyways, this’ll be the last post from me here. Thanks for reading!

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