All I want for Christmas is to remove that docking overlay!

Every time I dock, this yoke of a thing pops up and I’ve to stop whatever I’m doing until the docking sequence is done. I hate it. It gets on my nerves.

Before this, I could continue to set skills, browse the market, send eve-mails etc, but since this thing arrived on the scene, it intrudes on whatever else I’m doing at the time.

What’s the backstory here? Were pilots screwing up the docking sequence and crashing into the station? Were ships landing on top of each other? There must have been something catastrophic to prompt a new feature like this?

Ideas anyone?

Also, CCP, can we please call time-of-death on this thing?


The thing is to complain about everything, anyway…


this thing simply sucks.


How will CCP know what doesn’t work unless we, the paying customers, complain?


I’m one of the few who play with the sound on. I have no need for the Docking banner. That said, on a station with a small docking radius there can be a significant delay before actually docking. Without the verbal cue the docking banner might be useful. But it needs to go away once the station interior STARTS to render. It’s kind of a Captain Obvious moment after that and just delays my next actions. The banner is way to slow in going away.


I don’t like the docking animation, even though I recognize that the session change is the same - it subjectively seems longer. It also frustrates me that the dev time invested in this annoyance could have been used for something useful (like, perhaps, a scalable mouse cursor).


Not everyone is a boot-licking, brown-nosing Yes-sayer like some people who adore Photon. If I find 30 issues with Photon in the first hour of using it and over 50 issues in total in the first day, I don’t even have to try hard to find something to complain. The thing with Photon is that problems jump into my face like an Alien Facehugger. And they are just as nasty. The worst is that most of these issues have been present for months or over a year by now and CCP refuses to fix them (like wasted space, icon clipping, inconsistencies, utility problems and so on).


Not so sure.
The docking animation may take a very small dev time, like maybe 1H of work (with 5H of discussion to find the good font and 10H to decide the speed). It only replaces another animation.

The precise amount of time invested in the feature isn’t the point - it’s the return on that investment. If CCP had invested the time elsewhere - no one would have missed the docking animation! I’m not sure scaling the mouse cursor is any more difficult than scaling other elements in the game - and the cursor is the only thing that doesn’t scale when I go from 2K to 4K resolution - it seems hard coded for a specific number of pixels. If it takes a while to get to the top of the backlog - that’s OK but this is a critical element of the UI and should have priority over a cosmetic animation!

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But you know, when assigning priorities, fixing a bug is never as interesting as adding a function.

Unless the bug is critical of course.

The new citadel interior is much more GPU intensive. Its bad enough CCP jacked up the subscription prices, it worse when people bury their head in the sand to the fact their power bill is going to go up also.

Instead of fixing this they made it worse… I can dock - animation starts before docking. I can then change ship - undock, and warp to a structure, or anom with the docking animation still on the screen really annoying, in the middle… This was not a feature we wanted… The feature we wanted was to be able to dock switch ships and get undocked in a reasonable time without stupid messages regarding smack talk or donuts… Fix the docking issues - instead of adding more irritations to the ongoing problem!

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