Docking Animation and Station Interiors

Can we PLEASE for the love of god STOP messing with docking and station interiors.

It’s like yall release a new station interior every patch. Stop.

I have now lost at least 3 kills to load screens in 2 days. Nobody asks for these changes. They are a total waste of dev time.

This new docking animation is making it take considerably longer to dock and the new station interiors are making my computer drop HEAVY frames and makes undocking take FOREVER.

Ya’ll don’t know enough about your own game to be messing with this stuff. PLEASE just leave it alone.

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Also could yall like, hire some players or something. Y’know, someone that PLAYS the game. I cannot believe after all the stink yall have made nerfing your game into oblivion that the best thing you can come up with to spend your time on is another station interior or some stupid docking animation. Lowest PCU we’ve ever seen and this is what you work on? And it takes a year to release? And it’s this poorly optimized?

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how about we just make the new docking and station stuff optional. sure it sucks that so much effort went into something that adds nothing to gameplay, slows down action, and heats up computers. but please dont make us continue to suffer through it.


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