Am I the only one that finds in station computer resource use rather excessive?

My PC runs Eve fine. However I can’t stop noticing that the game draws an incredible amount of computer resources when running in station view. It seems extremely wasteful, because what I am doing in station 95% of the time is just looking at spreadsheets. The game seems very busy with drawing things I am not even seeing. Even when alt tabbed I can still hear all my fans going into overdrive.

Am I the only one that thinks this is all a bit excessive for showing some spreadsheets?


They need an option to disable station interiors.

It adds nothing to the game.


But I want to visualize my mighty space-steed before bravely riding it into battle against the evil asteroids?

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Why dont they just link your Netflix account and when you dock, instead of showing the interior of the station + ship, it just opens netflix and continues where you left off when you were alt tabbed afk mining?


^^ Voice of experience ^^

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Great idea! They should make deals with all the streaming platforms so players can open a window in the game when they’re autopiloting and afk mining and catch up on their favorite shows, paid in PLEX to CCP. I love Star Trek Discovery, too bad it’s the last season :cry:

Forgot about the topic, darn it, lol.
It seems to me that a lot of games demand too much on PCs these days. I think Optimisation hasn’t quite caught up with what 3D can do now.
Look at the new KSP2. It has a lot more in terms of graphics but optimisation on that game is going to be hell.


When I was playing elite dangerous I had a program called “always on top” which when applied to a window would ensure that that window always stayed on the top layer. I would open netflix, change the player size, shrink the window and place it in the top right corner when playing that game.

Then one day I realized, why am I watching a show and playing this at the same time? Is this game worth it if I’m not even giving it my full attention?

I stopped playing ED.

So now when I play EvE, if I’m tempted to “alt tab” I just shut the game down, or do something more risky to ensure that the game demands my full attention.


PLEX, skill injectors and the hyper-net relay all need to be removed from the game.

They all prey upon new-bros that may be laboring under the delusion that skillpoints/bigger ships make you better at the game. They simply don’t. It’s a scam and as far as I’m concerned should be made illegal like RTM.

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@Marek_Kanenald yes according to the monitor, my frame rate drops to about 30 to 40 FPS inside the hub. So it must be a GPU is drawing more for the program or they have a memory leak in the client? They recently changed & added the depth of field (which any sane person should turn off), undocking glitter disinformation, since the ministry of docking propaganda was getting too much attention with their irrelevant display, and installed a Photon UI, because the vast majority of the players were upset about the old one doing the job so well.

Meanwhile my friend (someplace in Europe) is telling me they are running this on 8 GB machine with a crap GPU and was working just great until the changes mentioned above occurred. They are saving up money for a new machine, but not likely to see them playing soon. Also is it a good idea to tell your paying customers they need to spend money on a new machine? I think it would be better to reduce or maintain the current as long as possible to keep the money flowing the proper direction.

But 100% of people look at the beautiful interior we've just designed so it perfectly warrants our jobs and the dev time spent on it so why give an option to disable it?
– CCP :psyccp:


…or in other words just like with the new UI:

I remember when you could leave your ship and walk around the inside of your personal room. It wasn’t much, but it was cool to see your character outside of the ships. I would sit on the couch and look at the Wanted lists on the wall screen.


count me in on the disable docking animation and view function. it adds nothing to gameplay and does increase the load on my PC.

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You’re not the only one.

I’ve been manually toggling NPC station interiors off with Ctrl shift F9, because the increased noise of the fans of my laptop when I dock up is annoying. And that’s when I play in potato mode, because when I switch to quality graphics the sound is even worse. I mean, it does looks good! But why would I make my computer work that hard when I’m docked up to scroll through market orders, alt-tab out or take a break?

Automated toggle-off would be welcome, or something like ‘outside view’ that I can use in upwell structures.

Even better is if we can get some simple yet good-looking 2D static background picture when docked up.

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True. The server could render a quality 2D image in seconds and it would be better than what they currently offer. It is “cute” to watch the commercials in dock but after a short time I switched all that extra off and play the whole game in potato mode. The fights, the mining, etc. are just eye candy and not really the backbone of this game.

IF they incorporated some kind of replay system, to get cool video captures of dogfights, then I could get behind the need for quality 3D effects. By example; Over on Star Trek Online, you can type “/demorecord yourfilename” the game starts saving packets in the text file format for playback. Then during offline playback you can edit cameras, quality, and other options. I just don’t care for the dogfight maneuvers in STO being so limited.

Meanwhile this game could be played completely without the need for any of the 3D graphics they offer.

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Nooo ! We demand the right to spin our ships round in stations in ultra high graphics to the theme of ‘You Spin Me Round’.

I like the station graphical effects. The annoying bit is that you can’t zoom in on your ship before the docking animation ends.

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Does this mean they will resurrect the 80’s band “Dead or Alive” for the music video? Then using it as advertisement, it might get some youth in here, attracting the players between the ages of 50 and 60 to play. I don’t know, they might not have a social security check to pay for Plex on the 3rd of every month as most players do.

Even back then, my computer sounded like an out of control weed wacker.

I dont much hear my rig going into overdrive while parked in a station anymore. ( newer rig today ) I have all my settings to high and everything is still glorious looking.

I guess i should at least check it out later to make sure my rig isnt slowly and silently killing itself.


I recently had a sound issue and a friend dropped by with an air compressor. He blew out dust bunnies the size of my fist. You can read about my issue on this forum thread.

Gotta lure them in early these days.

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