May we hope for station view to be back again?

I do not really know how to reach out to someone who knows, so I will give my luck to the forums.

In the past, it was possible to have a small station view and navigate with your character.
It was pretty basic, but gave a great vibe of immersion, especially as the character sculpting is the best one in the Market of MMos.

Although, from what I could follow back in the days, station view created many issues, that had to be resolved at each patch. I don’t know if someone simply effed up the code when creating it at the start.
CCP had huge plans for the view, such as a Bar we never had, but the maintenance cost was too high for only 3% of the population who were really using it, because it had no real use and was very resource consuming on user’s computers.

Now, technology on both CCP, and consumers side has changed, and station view would only be a small addition instead of being something too consuming on player’s PC.
Is there any chance CCP goes back in the past with the station view “reviewed”, or will it always be a big no-no, the investment is simply not worth it?

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Scrapped, hindered EvE to go modern UI tech. As it’s not the focus of the game, it doesn’t make sense to invest more in a game inside a game.


maybe they had some sort of a reason to kill the feature :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

I thought micro transactions were the game’s focus. A good dressing room would help them sell more shoes.


Oh…you’re talking about WiS…ok…

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I want to be able to land on planets and fight in squads.

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I want to be able to breed hybrid space orchids to then weave into my hair.


Indeed it would. Well the full-length, unclosable portrait in the New Improved™ UI some suspect is towards that purpose. Doesn’t bother me too much personally if PAccp wants to sell cosmetics. Some say selling plex for cash and the injectors and abyssal mods one can buy with the resulting isk is already P2W anyway, so who cares if they also sell some bad skins and shoes. Me shrugs

CCP just put a window to view our space barbies in the character sheet and it was not received well.

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That’s coming soon™. Just not with EVE Online

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Yeah, and we see how that’s working out with the “new” skill UI aaahhhaahahhahaaaaaaaaaa

Elite already has that. I know where my next 30€ are going to go and it’s not in CCP’s coffers.

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