FPS Limiter in Stations Different from Space

For as long as I can remember when I have the game running I struggle with my GPU usage shooting up to 100% as the game ran at 60 FPS and computer fan constantly running. I had tried turning down most graphics settings but it made no real difference on the current UI as well as Photon. It wasn’t until I realized I could use the “Radeon Chill” feature on my AMD Radeon card and limit the game to 30 FPS a few days ago. This limited the draw on the system and using the in-game FPS meter it sat around 30 and everything was great. However that was only while undocked. As soon as I enter a station, both NPC and Upwell, the GPU usage shoots up to 100% and fans get angry again. Upon looking at previous forum posts from a few months to years ago I saw information about the interval settings which I know are now gone though I don’t know what they did. Is there perhaps something I can do to prevent the apparent ignoring of station vs cold dark void of space?

SHIFT CTRL F9 will solve all your problems…

I realize that you are being sarcastic, but I decided to give it a try out of curiosity. The frame rate goes through the roof but still turns the computer into a flaming engine of hate. And as before once exiting the station even in MS-DOS mode the computer does just fine. Perhaps CCP is coding in an encouragement for me to be out in space and not docked.

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