Gpu overheating when docked in station

when i dock in a station, my gpu starts heating up extremely.
recently i have started discovering gpu resets (graphics driver crashes) , so i started monitoring the gpu with “AMD WATTMAN”, the tool included in the amd software, and this shows clear proof that once docked, gpu temperatures go through the roof in no time.
my current fix for this is to reduce target temperature and increase fan speed, resulting in extreme noise from the GPU when i dock. having three clients running at the same time just increases the problem (+noise), but at least its stable now.

would it be possible to add a client feature to set a max framerate when docked in station, i would set it to 20 or 25 or so. i dont need 3d performance when docked - i prefer a quiet computer.

there is a post in the old forums describing the same issue:

thanks for your attention.

edit: additional info. this is a radeon RX480, should be quite a potent card.

  • minimizing the window puts the renderer in some kind of “sleep state”. temp and noise go down
  • having the window open, but activating anohter window on second monitor, like… excel ;)… gives me ~36fps and lower temperature.
  • clicking in the eve window to make it the active window - temp goes up immeditaley. around ~57 to ~59 fps
  • setting shader quality to low gives me flat 60fps, and no heat/noise

i’m at “interval one” setting.
“interval immediate” makes the game go crazy with fps (up 100) and the card fan is screaming in pain.
combining interval immediate with low shader quality, i feel like i set next to an airbus turbine, and fps reaches around 250. (why on earth would i need 250+fps rendering?!)

if temps don’t go thru roof using one client but do when using more than what is happening is you are stressing your system over its heat dissipation ability.

Two docked clients all high settings produce ~65C on GPU sensor in wattman ultrawide 2k resolution interval one.

Three docked clients same settings produce ~72C on GPU

Same three while undocked and zoomed out heat up GPU to only 65C while zoomed in so you can see ships fine while orbiting say citadel push that heat up past 70C again…

“trick” is you can zoom out and manage you GPU load that way, while docked you cant.

Literally no reason. Does EvE not support V-Sync?

“Interval one” lock on to your monitor refresh rate so that is kinda sorta it

yes, there is vsync, no, it not kinda sorts it
vsync fixes it to 60fps on my monitor. and that still burns up the gpu when i’m docking my chars.
i don’t need 60fps static rendering when docked in station, not even for a single char. i look at excel-like market tables, i render a pi planet to do candy crush saga clickfesting, i run production jobs in a similar styled gui. excuse my negativity :slight_smile:

there is no need for 60fps interiour rendering at all. especially as the interiours of our stations are not really nice anyway.
an fps limiter, for those who want to turn it on, would be really helpful.

There is an option somewhere to not 3d render when in a station. Literally renders 1 frame, screenshots it and displays that. Find it and try it.

I didnt like it cause i couldent spin.

Sounds annoying though. Try adding another fan or checking your heat sinks for proper contact? I dunno.

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