GPU Running HOT while playing EvE

o7 Guys,

So, I have a pretty decent system :

i9 14 cores with water cooled block
32GB Ram
Crucial P3 M.2 in 4 lane slot (Eve Installed on this)
EVGA 2080ti Hybrid - Water cooled GPU and Air cooled on the Chipset side.
4k Samsung monitor.

My question is… Why the hell does my GPU run hotter playing EvE than it does playing any other AAA games in 4k ?

I play EvE with default settings in 4k - The only setting I have changed is the font size is bigger so I can actually see the text yet my GPU temps ramp up to the point where I have to log-off to let things cool down for 10 mins !
I can literally play any other Triple A title in 4k and not see the temps on my GPU that EvE gives me.

Any Help/Advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Check if you have Vsynch on in the GFX settings.


Aisha’s recommendation is the likely cause.

You can also check the ‘technical issues’ forum if you need further advice:

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Thanks for the reply’s.

I have discovered that it only seems to happen when I am in a Station (NPC OR Player Owned)

Just jumped into a freighter for the first time in a year and done 30 min trip with no overheat issues…

EDIT Damn, I don’t miss flying freighters… It’s like watching paint dry but less interesting…

I doubt I’ll be worried for too long about this issue…

Help & advice appreciated - thanks Both.

Ah, if it’s only in stations, that’s been an intermittent issue with various EVE patches for years.

CCP keeps adding bells and whistles to the graphics without particular regard to performance, it seems.

Adjust Ambient Occlusion and Post-processing helps it for some people, and for more recent changes a lot of people switch back to DX11 and it goes away.


I seem to remember there was a setting back in the day where you could disable station graphics…

Does this still exist Kez ?

It’s in the Client, right? Where is the setting to switch back to D11? My settings got reversed today for some reason.
Thank you.

Thanks for the Hijack Min…

Please at least say you have a similar issue before jumping into the fight with CCP !

You’re probably remembering this:

I haven’t checked for it in years, but don’t believe it’s there anymore.

On the launcher, click gear upper right, in the Game Client tab.

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Geezus, was it really 2017 ?

I have played since then and on multiple machines including PC and Laptop but only tonight experienced this massive overheat issue on my main PC.

I’ll see if launcher settings and DX 11 will solve it but the whole 4k EvE experience for me isn’t working as CCP intended currently…

It’s ALMOST impossible to see the mouse cursor upon undocking from Amarr and I can see no way of resizing it… Anyhow…

Thank you!

Eh, another issue that’s been brought up for years. CCP even re-wrote most of the UI (Photon) without including cursor options. Pretty sure this one goes back to 2017 or thereabouts as well.

Oh yep it does:

Running DX11 now and stepping back in time but GPU temps are holding up to what I’d expect my system to be running at.

@Kezrai_Charzai Thanks for your help Bud.

It’s Truly appreciated.


EVE is the only game I know where I could get 500+ FPS in station doing nothing. :laughing:

Thank goodness for V-sync

My pleasure. If you want to poke at it a little more to see what’s causing the issue (switching DX versions is kind of a blunt-hammer fix), you can use Ctrl-F (show FPS) or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-M (show performance metrics).

That might let you know if it’s something as simple as CCP disabling V-Sync in stations under DX12, or some other cause.

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You can try going into your motherboard and set “Above 4g decoding” to on also determine if your ReBar is enabled.

To check if bar size is suported: go into your nvidia control panel and see if the Resize Bar is supported. (if supported, i think the 2080ti supports it I haven’t googled this)

To enable the Resize Bar: go into your Motherboards BIOS, if it’s not there it might be time to update motherboard BIOS or buy a motherboard that supports it.

Resizable BAR (Base Address Register) is a PCIe capability . This is a mechanism that allows the PCIe device, such as a discrete graphics card, to negotiate the BAR size to optimize system resources. Enabling this functionality can result in a performance improvement.

Enabling Above 4G Decoding can help improve system stability, reduce latency, and increase overall performance in a gaming PC . Enabling Above 4G decoding in a custom PC gaming rig can help to avoid potential hardware compatibility issues and increase system stability, especially when using multiple high-end GPUs

I tried googling if your 2080ti Supports ReBar but it’s unclear, to confirm yourself follow the guide below, and confirm/enable it.

How do I enable GPU ReBAR?

  1. Right click of mouse and select [NVIDIA Control Panel]
  2. Click [Help] option and then click [System Information] option.
  3. Resizable BAR show Yes means enabled.

Hope This helps

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REBar does NOT work with the 2000 series cards, the 3000 series card were the first to use it namely the 3060 upwards and into the 4000 series cards. also to add the 2080ti is not a true 4k , it can do 4k @60fps But cannot do anything beyond that, and you may have to turn down a few gfx options to get it to run smooth at 60fps.

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@Kakeela do you know what I find helps greatly with both frames per second and GPU over heating in this game?

CTRL+SHIFT+F9 - Disable/Enable 3D graphics.

I know what many of you will say about this, but Eve Online is a 2D window game and the 3D is just fireworks. Also you will get the jump on the other guys in PvP, while their bloated machine is choking on the DirectX.

Did you happen to notice this is the 20th anniversary of this game? I remember back in 2004, I purchased my NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 200. That GPU ran 32 MB of RAM and was top of the line for that time. For the love of all Amarr, don’t burn your GPU up playing Eve Online. Run it in potato mode at the very least.

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Because a word for ‘optimization’ doesn’t exist in Icelandic…

They just make something and say, ‘Ooohh… Pretty!’, and then hit the PUBLISH button.

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wow you weren’t even joking. this is legit.

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