Client GPU Issues

[Intel i7-6700 - 32gb RAM - Nvidia Geforce GTX 970M].

I have recently been having an issue with EVE where my GPU capacity is sky high, running at around 70% capacity with just one account logged in and sat docked in a station. in potato mode, (Laptop specs above).
In the past, I have run multiple accounts simultaneously, including being involved in large fleet fights, with no issues on high settings. Now, if I undock and warp or attempt to jump a gate, my gpu capacity peaks at 100% and the game client closes. I don’t appear to have any other issues with other games but do acknowledge that my laptop is getting old and may not be able to keep up with newer games and requirements. It’s just that I have never had any problems with EVE in the past and now it is unusable from the EVE Launcher.

A friend recently suggested I try out the new EVE Anywhere Beta. I tried it and my GPU capacity is stable at 30% throughout my time online. I can undock, warp and jump gates etc, with no jump in gpu capacity.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the eve launcher and that did nothing to help so wondering if there is another workaround or alternative I can use that would allow me to play eve again (with lower settings if necessary). EVE Anywhere is great and has afforded me the opportunity to play the game again, but it is inconvenient having to reset my UI and overview every time I log in.

Any help or advice would be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance.

Most likely issue is that your GPU is overheating, which is causing is causing it to throttle. You can check by using HWMonitor to see your GPU temp and clockspeed. Do a google search to find out what your maximum temp and clock speed should be.

If it is overheating, your first step should be to try to blow out the vent fans with some compressed air. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll probably need to replace the thermal paste between the GPU and it’s heat sink (thermal paste will lose it’s thermal conductivity as it gets older). Now, that job might be easy, or a PITA depending on your laptop. Best case scenario, you have an access panel on the bottom of your laptop. Worst case, you’ll have to take the thing damn near all the way apart.

Anyway, there are tons of video tutorials for replacing thermal paste, and you might be able to find a video for taking apart your laptop. And if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, then you’ll need to take it in to a computer repair shop (or ask a tech savvy friend).

Hope that helps, if you have any more questions, doesn’t hesitate to ask.
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Thanks for the reply.
I clean the internal parts that I can get to fairly regularly and I use HWMMonitor to track gpu and cpu as I had a cpu problem around 12 months ago too. Temperatures have been stable from what I have observed with no obvious signs of overheating. Vents are clear, although I haven’t replaced the paste since I have had it so I should probably do that at some point anyway.

Any other suggestions on what could be the problem? Like I say, using the browser version is working great for me, i’m guessing this is because it reduces the load on my gpu but I’m not well enough educated in that sort of stuff to be sure.

Okay, did you check clock speeds to ensure that it wasn’t throttling for any reason?

If not, double check that. Could be your power settings got switched to power saver with a windows update or something. I’ve never heard of windows update changing power savings settings, but they have frequently changed other settings and turned on services that I have set to manual or disabled.

Also scan for malware in case you picked up something that is using your system to crypto mine.

And you might as well update your graphics driver while you’re at it (get it straight from nvidia). Not sure it will help, but it’s easy enough to do. And you might as well use DDU to do a clean install while you’re at it.

Have you tried selecting DirectX 9 to see if it makes a difference? There is an option in the launcher for it.

It solved some problems for me. It is also a bit lighter on the GPU. But the downside is you will miss some of the newer graphics effects…maybe.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m gonna try them out and let you know if anything can improve performance.

Ok, quick update…
Power setting all appear fine. Also, a malware and virus scan all came back clear. Graphics drivers all up to date after a clean install too.
Tried with DirectX 9 switched on in launcher, didn’t appear to make any difference to GPU capacity usage, although it didn’t close the window within a few minutes so not sure if that was due to that or was just a lucky login.

It is only EVE that I am having an issue with, however, I only really play EVE that is graphically challenging. Whenever an EVE client is not running, the GPU cap stays at 0%. I can only assume the issues I am having are due to a graphics update to the game and that EVE is just now a little too taxing on my system.

If anyone has any further recommendations to try, please let me know.

@XJ_Paul I can give 2 more suggestions, but I don’t know if they will help. (I hope they will)

  • Try to switch Post Processing to None. (ingame graphics settings)

I noticed when I switch this on, things like steam vents and other graphics effects while docked in a station (as you mentioned) made my computer work a lot harder and I could hear the fans go louder.

When I switch it off there is a big improvement especially while docked in stations.

The drawback is some of the special ship skin effects, for example, will not not be drawn with it switched off.

  • My other suggestion is to look at the settings for your graphics card, in Windows. Sometimes the advanced section for 3d graphics has options to override apps/games and force things like anti-aliasing to be permanently switched off. Depending on your graphics card there might be some settings to override texture quality and other things.

This is my post, just using a different account.

Thank you for your response.
Just wanted to update:
I tried the post processing set to ‘None’ and this has made a huge difference. My gpu is now stable at ~30%, meaning I can play the game again! Yes it is practically Super-Potato mode, and EVE is not a pretty game with such settings, but I can play and that is the most important thing for me atm, until I can eventually afford a new pc.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply.


Post processing should not scale in complexity with the scene contents as it’s resolution dependent isn’t it?

However, on saying that, it does make a noticable performance difference on Proton / Wine with WINED3D being used, not sure about Vulkan as I cannot get Vulkan to be used with Proton 5.0-10 and Eve.

I also see the Launcher does not like Hardware Rendering set on Wine/Proton, the launcher just becomes junk rendering (not the game, the launcher itself).

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