Is it normal for Eve client to run on 1700 MB RAM when I’m docked.Also docked with 2 clients it’s using 74% of my GPU. What is your usage of RAM and GPU?

I’m running on an I7-6700k /32GBRAM / GTX 1070 / WIN10

I can’t tell you with any certainty; RAM usage does seem a little high, if only 2 clients are running. You complaining about GPU running at 74%? that doesn’t sound too bad, I’d say it’s below normal AAA games’ usage.

CPU/GPU usage is affected by your “Active Window”/ “Background Window” settings; for example, I have FPS capped at 60 for the client in focus and any additional clients will only run at 30 FPS. Now this may not affect the GPU/RAM much but it will for the CPU.

I’m trying to log in to verify the inventory of my ships, but, my client doesn’t load fully.

I managed to run the clients a few weeks ago, and I streamed it on Twitch.

Thx, reinstalled but game but it didn’t help.

Those numbers are comparable to my system. Ryzen 5 3600X, 32Gb and RX 570 all settings on high, 2K resolution, 2 clients docked. The GTX 1070 is now 4 years old - 3 years for my RX 570. It shouldn’t be surprising that they need to work a bit harder to keep up!

Thx a lot, I have the same numbers here, I guess I was getting weird about resources.

Check to see if windows game mode is turned on, if it is, turn it off.

yep, was enabled :slight_smile:

So you turned off game mode? Has your PC been better?

Yes, Thx,
RAM and CPU still the same but solved my cooling fans spinning like crazy. They were full speed all the time

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