Multi Client Performance Issue

Hey all, I need help with some techy stuff. About two weeks ago I started running into some serious performance issues when opening another EVE client. I have a pretty top notch laptop Alienware (specs listed below). Until two weeks ago it was running EVE fine flawlessly with multiple clients all on max settings for graphics. I have no issues with anything else choking the GPU. I run photoshop and illustrator with 4k and have graphics files I work with open which are 1 GB or more. No issues, ever. Only with EVE.

So what happens is that when I open another client, everything freezes for 10 seconds, GPU use for the active client goes to 100% if two of them are open. If only one is open runs fine but at about 40-60%, not sure if that is high or not. Every 20 seconds GPU spikes to 100% if two clients open. After a while it settles down and stops freezing every 15 seconds but both clients run at 1-2 FPS, down from 1 running at 60 FPS in 4k. This was not happening before two weeks ago. Laptop is brand new.

Not sure what to make of this so any help is appreciated. Maybe some settings in the client (turned off the chat log), not sure what else.

  1. Its running on max power, performance, plugged in.
  2. It using Nvidia processor, not the integrated intel thing

System is Alienware X17 R2 - 32 gb, 64 bit, GeForce RTX3070 Ti, 8 GB, GPU.


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