Clients freezing with multiple clients

(Mizhara Del'thul) #1

Having the exact problems mentioned in the Common issues, workarounds thread, but the solution isn’t working. For some reason the options mentioned in the thread about Nvidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings, Program Settings, Eve Online, set preferred gpu, doesn’t show, so can’t try that solution. In-game “display adapter” choices only shows the 1080ti. Here’s the rundown of the problem:

When running multiple clients, within a fairly short timeframe at least one client, usually the ‘inactive’ one will suddenly display a very low framerate (relatively) of around 60 fps, even when switching to it. Within minutes of this happening, it’ll suddenly freeze out of nowhere, requiring me to manually end that process.

Solutions attempted:

Gaming Mode turned off.
Audio on/off.
Voice Chat off.
Drivers checked, uninstalled and reinstalled.
General fiddling with graphics settings, but doesn’t seem related.
Temperature monitored, nothing out of the ordinary. Normal temps throughout.
CPU/Memory usage checked, doesn’t seem to be relevant. Normal values throughout.
Looked through Nvidia Control Panel settings, can’t find something that seems relevant.


Win10 - all updates current.
GTX 1080ti
i7-6700k @ 4.0GHz
Multiple monitors, Eve clients are windowed and only on the 1440p main monitor, G-Sync enabled.

fc wat do?

(GM Mechanic) #2

That only works if you have two graphic adapters active on your computer and is usually a laptop.

60 FPS is normal, it’s what most people have there frame rate set to. Please note that if you have a 60 hz screen and your displaying 200 or more fps, your still only get 60 FPS and the rest is wasted. You can’t get more FPS then your screen can show you.

I recommend you file a support ticket and it would be great if you could create a Loglite file and attach it to the ticket. Loglite will record what the client is doing in the background and might give us more information on why you are having FPS issues.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #3

Low FPS was not the issue, just a symptom that reliably occurs before the actual issue, the client freeze. Also, 60 fps is most certainly not ‘normal’ on a 1080ti, heh.

I’ll see if I have time tomorrow for a test run of a few clients with loglite running.

(GM Mechanic) #4

In either case seeing a Loglite file of the issue occur might help us fix the freezing issue.

1080P does not tell me anything, what is considered normal FPS all depends on the displays refresh rate. If your display has 120hz then normal would be 120FPS provided your graphic card can dish it out and you have a 1080ti so it can. So it comes down to your displays refresh rate.