Limit FPS? Performance issues with multiple clients

Hello, I am trying to run 5 clients but with them all at high settings my pc gets rather loud and the obvious heating up. I found that turning the graphics all to low has solved most of the issue but the game looks horrible. So I have a few questions.

I have a 144hz monitor so all the clients are running at 144. Is there a way to limit the fps to 60? or hell even 30.
Also changing the graphical settings on one client changes them on all of them every time I relog back in. Is there any way to keep the graphic settings on my main on high while keeping all the alts on low settings?

I tried lowering the FPS via nvidia control panel but that seems to have zero effect on the game.

Any performance advice is super appreciated. Game looks great with the settings turned up, kind of hate to lose out on those visuals.

Thanks for any help o7

Not sure if this is helpful or not but will include it incase it is.

Resolution is 3440x1440
GPU RTX 2080 Super
CPU i7 8700k

Setting to interval one should limit FPS

This is the main reason I use IsBoxer

I am currently using the eve-o preview because I was under the assumption IsBoxer was not allowed, am I misinformed?

Yes, many of us use IsBoxer. What isnt allowed is input broadcasting.

IsBoxer Discord

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