Framerate going down with three clients, despite plenty of unused system resources

I have a fairly good rig, R7 3700X, RTX 2080, 32 GB RAM. When running two clients at max settings, both run at the 60 fps cap. But running a third client makes fps drop on all clients to 45, sometimes down to 30.

But the system is not really under load with three clients, my fans don’t even speed up and Windows shows just 10% CPU usage and 38% GPU usage. So there are plenty of reserves, but EVE apparently refuses to use them?

Check you net speeds and latency, no matter how powerful your pc is, if the net is slow or latency is high it will slow net based game frame rates.

Might have been connected to my monitors having different refresh rates. After I replaced my second monitor that was only running at 60 Hz with another monitor running at the same 75 Hz as my primary monitor, clients now always run at 75fps.

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