Poor performance in wine with multiple clients launched

I’m playing EVE mostly on windows but sometimes on Debian Stretch.I have installed latest BumbleBee and nvidia drivers.Using the unofficial wine version Eve founded in forums,I met some problems when I try to launch multiple clients.
My hw:
GTX 960M

The clients perform perfect in windows7 in DX11 with stable 60+ fps,even in multiple clients.But on linux,I noticed the game is running on Dx9 and in single client it can only keep about 40FPS.When I try to launch my second account things get worse that both clients can only keep about 15 fps ——unable to play.

I’ve tried to lower the graphic settings but seems things didn’t get better off.Compared with Windows,it has a poorer performance and I wonder if anyone meets the same problem or has any solution to solve the problem.

there is a sub-forum specifically for linux might try there https://forums.eveonline.com/c/technology-research/linux

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