Performance issues in wine / linux ... 15 fps?

I’ve been using Eve Anywhere as the client, and really enjoying it… but I didn’t realize why I was enjoying it until I checked the FPS between that and the actual client from Linux.

Eve Anywhere 1080p fps: 62

Desktop client in Linux 720p :15
1080p : 5

I did not realize that’s why I wasn’t enjoying the desktop client. I did not realize that Linux ran this badly with wine and the client.

Is this the same for everyone? I was thinking about getting a 144 refresh Hertz monitor but if I’m only getting 15 frames per second (at 720p!!) or 62 with Eve anywhere then I guess it doesn’t matter right?

I’m using an NVIDIA GTX 960 4GB with an overclocked 6300 FX at 4 gigahertz. I know it’s an old chip but usually runs games pretty well.

I should note that I’m using a 7 year old TV as my monitor. So I’m thinking that it’s got a really slow input lag. I think it lists the input lag at something like 55 in that FPS counter. Would that affect FPS? It makes me wonder if I should get a 75 hertz regular monitor or if I should go ahead with 144 Hertz. I’m really not ready to upgrade the chip. With that card it’s run everything really well, and I don’t feel like Eve should be running That slow no matter what.

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