Very low FPS with steam

The launcher works fine, game loads fine, login everything perfect. But the FPS is about 1 - 5, which obviously means I can’t play the game. Has anyone has a similar issue? and a fix?

Linux Mint Cinnamon
Ryzen 5
GT 1030


Turn the graphics settings down and see how that helps.
The last update was graphics heavy - looks lovely, but with everything set to high my 1050ti (better than your 1030) creaks down to single digit frames per second.

I’m running Eve on Wine directly rather than through Steam/Proton so I doubt the problem is there.

I looked into it more, the graphics aren’t the issue, I’m using the latest nvidia drivers. It’s the cpu load its at 47% on average. I have lutris set to use 6 cores and not just 1. Still the same even after that change.

I can’t play eve :frowning:

I’m not sure I can help further - I’m running on 40% of the four cores of an elderly i5 chip.
I know that on higher graphics settings the reported GPU loadings (nvtop) are at 100% with the game starting to slow down.

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