How best to run on Linux

To be clear, I have EVE running on Linux (Manjaro XFCE).

I used Lutris and ran the installer and all is well in the world (once I found where to copy my profiles to). I then thought, is this the best way to do it? I heard Steam would also work so I loaded up Steam, added Eve (very straight forwards) and loaded that up, it worked too. I thought I’d compare frame rates and CPU usage - both the same - About 30fps normal and peaking at 60fps, each client using about 25% of the cpu, 2-3% while minimised. Only issue I’ve noticed is a flicker whenever I maximise a window (or rather, take it from minimised) that didn’t happen under Win10 and a little lag where the graphics stutters a touch, usually when you tell it to warp or align.

Then I checked the Steam options and under properties->target it says “Lutris” so am I just fooling myself and Steam is pointing to the Lutris install?

With the 64-bit client approaching would a pure WINE install be the better option?
Basically I’m willing to drop everything I’ve installed so far and get this right NOW rather than mess about in the future and I may as well go with the best performing solution - if there is one.

PS - Obligatory beg for a pure Linux client, yes I know, DX… but but but :stuck_out_tongue:

Step 1: Get Windows 10 64-bit
Step 2: Enjoy

The EVE community is truly a joy to behold… At best though I’d give you a 6/10 for trolling.

To be clear, I have Windows 10 64-bit, I’m migrating to Manjaro for work reasons and ideally would like to avoid dual-booting and be able to play while working. I’m primarily asking whether pure-WINE, Lutris, Steam or some other linux-based option is currently optimal.

I don’t know your OS but would

be of any help ?

I’m on ubuntu and the easiest method I found is

  • install winehq repository
  • install wine-devel
  • create your eve64 prefix
  • use installer from eve64 prefix

I currently run EVE via Lutris, Wine 4.2-tkg with DXVK and ESYNC enabled. I couldn’t find any differences between Proton, tkg and Wine 4.4+.

However, there are some things that can be annoying but you get used to it:

  • It can take up to 5 minutes for FPS to stabilize (I launch the game and it stays at 20-40 FPS until it stabilizes at 150+)
  • Opening the industry window causes the game to hang for a bit, specially if you have a bunch of BPCs

Other than that, it should be okay.

I have over 3k bp (orignial and copies) and it hangs for like 10s.

I’m very happy. One year ago it hanged for 5min. It was nerve cracking to log 5 alts to start their jobs.
Maybe it’s because I cleared cache, or something like that. It’s just that I realized, at a moment, that it was not 5 min anymore . I had made a bug report before.

Going into the settings I noticed I was using wine 4.0 tkg, changed that to 4.6 staging and enabled DXVK (apparently I can’t use ESYNC with 4.6) and now my cpu usage has halved (for ref I’m running a 6700k, 64Gb RAM and a GeForce 1060 6Gb)

use devel, not staging.I, as well as other people, had issues with wine 4.7 and 4.8 staging and needed to go devel.

ESYNC is not enabled in the normal Wine builds, tkg has it enabled.

Seems Arch doesn’t provide devel, and wine doesn’t offer anything for Arch directly.

On the plus side right now 4.6 staging seems to be working and is the latest version Arch provides right now. I did find that in Lutris you can add multiple versions of wine though so I’ve added the tkg-4.6 just incase the staging updates and everything screws up. I’m liking the cpu reduction though, whether that’s from changing the wine version or enabling dvxk.

Im running a test Lutris, and I’ve done the wine stable install this time, lutris asked me to do vulkan upgrades (which I had not read before) but then after I finished with everything I dont see eveonline in the lutris database at all.

So I guess I will download now… the linux launcher or the windows launcher?

UPdate: Nevermind, I did a eveonline lutris search and it directed me to a lutris page for eveonline, but funny how a search on the games database does not have it (it asked me to add to database lol)

Update2: I really dont see any improvement cpu wise. FPS is at 40-60, which is not bad but not great for what this gpu is capable of (I seen before) (it may not be an stellar gpu, but does a lot better than just 60). Guess my eve life will be one account from now on, sad sad CCP.

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