Installing EVE on Ubuntu 18.04 using Lutris

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Follow the instructions here,

At the step where you configure the runner tell the wine runner to use the latest wine staging (3.14 now).

Lutris will run a script that auto configs the prefix and launches the installer.

I told the installer NOT to update to the newest version when prompted. I have not tested updating the launcher.

You don’t have to screw around with winetricks or manually modifying the relevant wineprefix.

The launcher may or may not be buggy still. I’ve had it crash on me and there were some GUI errors; but you caqn log in and the clients launch.

You can enable DXVK; I am not sure that will do anything at the moment.

DX11 works. Anti-Aliasing works; with no noticeable bugs. The clients consume less CPU… etc.

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Update: I’ve had a chance to actually play the game.

I can now run 3 clients at 60+ fps with Anti-Aliasing instead of 2 clients at around 20-30 fps with no Anti-Aliasing. I’m not 100% sure how many clients my system could support now but there’s been a huge gain in performance.

There are some graphical glitches. They’re entirely in the windowed menus and the HUD. I think it’s related to window blur and shadow effects.

For some reason every time you start the game you have to re-enable Anti-Aliasing.

The launcher crashes constantly, but I think that might be a problem on CCP’s end.

From what I’m reading this is the best possible way to run EVE on a linux OS.

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If you’re using Nvidia then try getting the latest driver, i.e. 396.54.02 (Vulkan beta driver). It solved the last graphical glitches for me.

The launcher crashes most likely because DXVK will produce a lot of log messages and this messes up the launcher somehow. You need to set the environment variable DXVK_LOG_LEVEL=none and this should stop it. I’m using the standard Windows launcher and it may be different for the Linux launcher.

Anti-aliasing is off by default and will always be off on start, unlike Windows. I’m guessing this was done intentionally by CCP. I don’t know why it would do this otherwise as it’s working just fine with AA.

The low CPU usage is indeed the best part of it all. I can leave my clients running all day and only minimize them. They barely use any CPU unless I bring their windows up. It’s like always having something to play with while sitting at the computer, only it’s not Windows + Solitaire, but Linux + EVE. :smile:

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Please lets all upvote things that work. Eventually people will stop following 9000 year old instructions for unmaintained projects. Then the Linux forums will slowly become filled with wonderful things rather than the same 7 problems over and over and over.

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This made the launcher less unstable. It would still crash but it did crash less frequently.

If you’re trying to install EVE via lutris (it’s Sep. 17th 2018) DO NOT UPDATE THE LAUNCHER. You will not be able to log in multiple accounts. (This is a launcher bug nothing to do with lutris/wine)

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