Whats the status on EVE with Lutris?

In a situation that I may be temporarily be forced to use a less capable PC… I used to run 3 clients with Lutris on my old A8-5600K system, this A10 seems not as good, but in theory… I should be able to run at least 2 clients.

Is there any idea on if Lutris is finally working fine again or is it still at that problematic update that would put EVE not to work after that patch?

Anyone recently tried?

Thanks in advance…

iiirc i couldnt make it work, but bottles does work

Good to know, thanks. I been told by a corpmate that also runs linux that he’s using Lutris and its working, I guess I’ll have to try it.

I tried Lutris again… and no, it doenst work for me. Somehow my corpmate does use it, but I cant make it work. I’ve tried the esync+dxvk and the no dxvk… and the steam/profon which doesnt work neither. I tried to wine evelauncher and nope, eve on steam nope… I tried also just installing to a different folder and nope… Im guessing theres something borked in my system so in brief I’ll backup the new files I did and redo the installation. It was weirdly working on Zorin Lite 15.3, but since Zorin is so different to Ubuntu Mate… I wanted to be back in something familiar to me. I did notice that ‘Mars’ doesnt even work in this 22.04 installation… and though I tried to get current Mesa driver (with the Obaif repo)… it didnt do anything different. So, Im so confused that I think its best to start over.

Ever since the 32 to 64bit change… EVE has been really harder to run on lower spec systems. I used to run 3 clients with the old A8-5600K with just 6GB of Ram… and now if I run 2 clients… I have to close firefox and just run music and the 2 clients… with 8gigs and a dedicated GPU. Certainly… not all changes are for the better.

Made a new user, did the wine evelauncher.exe install… after it completes… I left the run eve online on finish checked… and it gave me this on the terminal… I have a feeling its related to the GPU somehow but I dont really understand… any ideas?

[680:684:1028/210329.989:ERROR:dxva_video_decode_accelerator_win.cc(1399)] DXVA)
[680:684:1028/210330.143:ERROR:network_change_notifier_win.cc(142)] WSALookupSe8
eve@PatriotSSD20:~$ wine: Read access denied for device L"\??\Z:\", FS volume label and serial are not available.
[680:684:1028/210333.127:ERROR:platform_font_skia.cc(343)] Could not find any ft
[932:936:1028/210333.473:ERROR:dxva_video_decode_accelerator_win.cc(1399)] DXVA)

Something must be wrong with my GPU driver, even though is the one that I normally use that its the opensource one…

Recently (halve week ago) installed EVE with Lutris on Manjaro with DXVK. First installation attempt showed an error… then just did it again and it worked.
In general EVE works fine and performance seems to be a bit better than on Ubuntu… but I get strange black boxes on explosions etc, which I didn’t got in my previous non-Lutrix installation on Ubuntu.

Just installed Eve on Lutris on Manjaro KDE. No issues installing it, really. Complained about some ‘wusa’ which I assume is some windows update but I ignored that since I am on Linux. One issue I do have is black dots on textures. Noticable if I zoom in on ship/gate etc. Haven’t blown up any ships yet. I would make sure you have DXVK and similar installed. Vulkan drivers of course. I am running a Nvidia 2080 using 515.65 driver, Kernel 5.15.76
Installed GPU drivers via this github: GitHub - Frogging-Family/nvidia-all: Nvidia driver latest to 396 series AIO installer

Oh, while the Eve Launcher was downloading the game, I chose full client download. I did have an issue logging into 1 account but that was fixed once I let the download get further.

I installed it using Lutris on Mint 21 Cinnamon yesterday and had no problems whatsoever.

I’ve been using Lutris on Fedora 36/37 for months, runs great.

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