A Handful of Linux Questions:

o/ - I couldn’t find anyone in my corp/alliance running Linux, hopefully this forum has more devout followers of the penguin. My setup is running pretty well for a 10yr old laptop, but I have a few questions. I don’t want to create a bunch of threads so maybe someone can address them all here?

My Rig: Sony Vaio Laptop - Core i7 3612QM@2.1GHz- 8 GB RAM - 750 GB HDD - NVIDIA GeForce 640M LT - Ubuntu 20.04(dual boot/Win11) - Liqrorix kernel - Latest Lutris Wine ver
Installed and Running EVE (the easy way) with Lutris getting better performance than Win11 but some annoyances.

A few questions:

  1. Can’t run multiple monitors; Eve client full screen ‘captures’ mouse pointer. Running Eve client windowed (used to work) frees mouse but causes all sorts of UI weirdness. Is there a work-around/fix?
  2. Discord icon does not show notification status(always has red dot), no Discord overlay (tried Trigg/Discover, nogo). Would like to see Discord pings on game screen. Any solutions?
  3. Is there a better forum for Eve+Linux than this one?
  4. Would getting more RAM and/or SSHD help? or time for a new rig?
  5. Any recommendations for a good Linux gaming laptop?

TY in advance - J’T

  1. CAN run multiple monitor with Lutris, you just need to setup as windowed or fixed window. I’m running 2 monitors, and the current problem is unable to resize windows, so I either can run the clients at 1024x700 or maximized (I have a 1920x1080 and 1366x768) and I run 5 clients.

  2. I havent managed to have discord see that Im playing, so I made a custom status ‘in EVE’ and then I have to manually switch between online and away.

  3. I doubt it.

  4. SSD helps a lot. I think officially, it was 4GB per client, but I remember running 4 clients with 8GB on Lutris when I had my old APU A8-5600K. Linux dropped graphics support for the APU, so I had to use it with a RX460 for graphics (which is what I still use). Id guess it depends on how many clients you run. I upgraded rig because my mobo died, so I had to upgrade and now im on a R5-3600 with 32gigs RAM (it was cheap). Id definitely try the SSD, as they arent hugely expensive.

  5. I cant say much about gaming laptops, and it depends on how many clients you run. IF just one or two, Id imagine an updated version of what you have, with SSD should work fine. If you plan to run 4 or more clients… then maybe 16gb.


Appreciate the response. :grinning:
I was running multiple monitors in windowed mode fine last year (just returning to Eve after RL issues) but something changed, my UI is really misbehaving in windowed or fixed window mode. I can’t right click, radial menu doesn’t work, in-game windows jump to double size when I try to resize, mouse pointer offset by an inch or two… Totally Unplayable. In Full Screen mode everything is fine.

Performance on a single monitor is still better than Win so I’m sticking with Linux. I may just hook a spare PC to the second monitor and use a peripheral switch to switch mouse+keyboard between the two. Only prob I see is that I wouldn’t be able to open in-game links on the other monitor.

I’m still debating if I want to spend the $ on an SSD for a decade old machine.

thx again - o7

I would suggest looking at the threads related to launcher error and ccps comments about them offering very little support for Linux.

They have no QA for Linux and are mostly focused on their native Mac client. Once it drops wine, you may have to switch to windows or Mac to play

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I dont run specially good graphics, just that RX460 and Im running 5 clients (1 in high and 4 on medium gfx). Only issues I have is unable to resize windows, I can play on default 1024x700 or maximized. Mouse pointer is precise, Right click works perfectly, radial menu I hate… but one of my clients is able to use it, so it does work (I raised the time for the radial menu to show). In game windows work well too. No idea what may be affecting your install.

IF you go with the 2nd PC option, which I was comtemplating before the mobo died, there’s a software option that allows you to control both computers with same keyboard/mouse. Theres a commercial one and there are other open source versions. The commercial one I learn in a youtube video (Linus Tech Tips, a video he made with a 4K monitor that had ability to plug 4 sources, and he used that software to run 4 different machines hooked to that same monitor. The 4 desktops would show on the same screen, each one using a quarter of the monitor’s size).

Unsure on your location, but on the US… a cheap Sandisk SSD can be found for as little as $18 (120gb, without shipping). That was actually my first upgrade on my old APU, and it made for quite an impact.

With the SSD in… if you had to sell that Laptop… it would have more value, as the SSD gives it the impression that the system is running on a better computer. I’ve seen dual cores with 120GB SSD’s and behave as if they were faster and better computers.

About the launcher, be on alert so that to cancel the launcher update, as many times, the update makes it non-operational. There’s a thread here also about using the beta launcher, which for the most part has been working better.

But its true, if at some point CCP makes another blooper, we may be without EVE for a few days untill we can find a workaround… or if none… I guess some of us can run the EVE Anywhere option. It only requires a browser…

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I found BARRIER free/open src software to share keyboard+mouse. I was concerned about it hogging system resources, but if I can offload Discord and Mumble to the second machine that should more than make up for it. I just started playing with it and when I mouse over to the other machine my Full Screen Eve Client gets hidden and replaced with the desktop. I think I can live with that as I won’t be interacting much with the 2nd PC, I’ll just need to find a way to have my push-to-talk button ALWAYS go to the 2nd machine, (or I guess I could just use the space-bar on it as it’s a laptop sitting just to my left).

Good point about the SSD adding value to the old laptop even if I get a new one. I decided to try a Hybrid SSHD 1TB + 6G for $70. I tend to keep PC’s for ever and just re-purpose them.

UPDATE It appears that running a Fixed Window at full screen size is different to the OS than running Full Screen and seems to have mostly fixed my issues.

UPDATE_2 Switching my distro from Ubuntu 20.04 to Mate 20.04 freed up some resources. Recommend Mate Linux to anyone running an older machine. Eve is running great (via Lutris), setup relatively painless with minimal ‘command line moments’.

TY again for the suggestions. o7

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