Linux & Multibox

I expect I’m going to have to setup duel booting machine to run Windoze (gag), but had to try getting Eve to run on Linux even though it’s not supported.

I do get the client to run and can even launch a second account, however I can’t switch between the two. I can only run the last client launched. The first client is still running. I see the character in my corp channel and it’s running when I quit the second character but that’s the only way I can get back to the first character.

Anybody else find a solution to allow multiboxing on Linux?

btw: I’m running a Systems 76 Pangolin
Pop!_OS 21.04 (64-bit)
AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700U: 1.8 up to 4.3 GHz - 8 Cores - 16 Threads
15.6″ 1920×1080 FHD, Matte Finish
AMD Radeon™ Graphics
64 GB DDR4 @ 3200 MHz

Multiboxing is working on Linux.

I run 5 clients, the main with all details on high and resource cache enabled, and the other 4 I run with medium-high graphics. I also run 3 monitors, the main 1920x1080 and 2 1366x768. You have to run the clients in fixed window or window mode, you cannot do full screen, or when you alt tab you will see they minimize and its not as fluid, even if you put one on a monitor and the other on the 2nd one, the moment u alt tab, one goes to minimize automatically. On Fixed window and windowed you can seamlessly move the mouse between clients no problems, though you need to click to make sure the chatbox it uses is the correct one (if you chat).

Im running Ubuntu Mate 18.04.3
AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 6cores 12 threads
27" DELL monitor 1920x1080 for the main, and 2 generic 19inc 1366x768 monitors.
I play with a cheap Radeon RX460 4GB (has DVI, HDMI and DP, and I basically run adapters or native depending on the monitor and connection.
32GB DDR4 3200Mhz.

Look for Renard’s evelinux profile, its working great for me, just about 45-55% cpu usage, with Vulkan enabled and wine staging, I think I was then at 6.14 or 6.16 but now is higher.

It does work great.
PS: I’m only having a minor issue with the audio, and its something that happened yesterday, as it was working well the day before. But other than that, it runs well.

I have 5 accounts, with total 14 chars, and I play with all 5 clients active, for different roles, cloaky eyes, mining boosters, and so on. I dont have PvP practive on all 5 at the ‘same’ time, last fight I was in was a disaster lol, but it was a good experience.

Not sure if I did the post link correctly, but its post 362 on the New Launcher… new linux error thread.

Check your graphics settings in game–do you have windowed mode turned off? Can you alt tab between accounts? What desktop environment/window manager are you using?

I have no issues multiboxing. I run Eve in windowed mode. Some of my toons have profiles using normal windowed mode and others use the fixed mode. (for example if I want one full screen I will run it in full sized fixed window rather than actually full screen). I have tried up to 13 clients at once and it works fine. The change to forcing 64 bit a while back did degrade performance some though.

I’ve found that running in Fixed Window mode at full resolution behaves better when switching desktops or ALT-TABing than running Full Screen mode (but looks exactly the same).

Also, I had issues dual booting, Win10 kept ‘taking over’ my system by disabling Grub every time there was a major update. I know keep Win10 corralled in a VM for the rare occasions I need it.

Running Mate Linux (20.04) on a decade old laptop.

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