Multiboxing with linux

Looking for a easy way to manage multiple copies of the game and easily switch between them. I have two monitors, So using two accounts at once is not too bad but not sure about adding a third. I know if I ran windows I could use Eve-O but not sure if that would even work with linux.

I don’t know crap about linux, but I’d imagine that there would be a way tile clients running in fixed windowed mode (I use an autohotkey script on windows).

Olmeca Gold doesn’t use any 3rd party programs or scripts. He just sizes the client windows in such a way that there is always a corner that he can click on to give any client focus.

Where do i find information about Olmeca gold and client stacking? searching google I get a lot of stuff on rum and other booze lol.

Um, can you not see the video that I embedded in my post? Regradless, here’s a link.

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