Trying to install EVE on a very old A8-3800 based Acer

Hello friends:

Thanks to Fiona (the hurricane) and the number she played on my island’s grid… my main PC (Ryzen5-3600) has decided to not work again. It was behind an APC UPS and turned off during the whole thing, but its been a failure after the other and nowadays Im unsure on what really is the problem.

I’ll keep working with that one untill I figure it out, but its been like 5 days I cant get online, and I need my EVE fix.

So, I have this old Acer, based on the A8-3800APU, which I know it can run at the very least one client, technically is DX11 capable, so should work. Since this machine is on the low side of RAM with only 4gigs… I went first with Wine staging and tried installing eve with the windows launcher. But at some point, close to the finish, it gave an error and I had to quit. (I honestly forgot to check the error, guess Id have to do it again).

With the little ram… Im guessing Steam wouldnt be a good option. I did install Lutris, but I havent really comitted to installing EVE on it, specially since this APU doesnt support Vulkan.

I didnt do the restart after installing wine, so I’ll try that and retry the install to take note on the error. But if you guys remember the other simpler installing options… that would really help, thanks in advance :wink:

Is your objection to using Steam just the client’s RAM consumption? You don’t need Steam in order to use Proton, it’s on github GitHub - ValveSoftware/Proton: Compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine and additional components

Thanks Mitch but no, wasnt thinking on just the client itself, but I somehow managed to install it on that machine and with 4GB of RAM… less the 512MB the built in GPU uses… it sent into SWAP very fast and even on low settings was horrible. Earlier today I found another set of 4GB (2gbx2) of same speed DDR3 ram… and hoping it would take it to 6 or 8GB… and instead the machine stopped working as a whole. Sad, but at some moment that had to happen, it was an old machine.

Managed to turn on another APU of the less desirable kind, I would have loved to get my A8-5600K back to work, but this A10-9700 will at least run 2 clients. So I’m back settings things up. Will report if I have troubles. Honestly dont want to complicate myself too much, as I’m hoping to fix the main PC this weekend, or closeby.

Thanks for your reply :wink:

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