Having extreme low fps, need help

My fps is around 5-10 in many systems, but sometimes I can have 30-40 fps.

My spec:
OS: Win 10
CPU: xeno e5440
GPU: gtx 1060 3GB
Driver: latest 446.27

Currently, I just turn off all the graphic effects and running the lowest setting. What should I do or specs to upgrade? All I want is having a stable fps with medium graphic setting. Oh and I’m not good at english so please bear with me.

Well, your chip doesn’t have integrated graphics, so the game is definitely using your GPU, which is definitely good enough to run a high-settings client at a stable 60+ FPS in almost all circumstances.

You’re not mining crypto or something in the background, are you? Monitor your GPU load both during EVE and during idle time. What is the percentage utilization like?

It’s a Xeon processor and a super old one. Xeon processors are not exactly for normal use and it’s very well possible that it doesn’t support something game critical or the game simply doesn’t support a 15 year old Xeon processor.

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I closed almost every thing while playing eve, and no I don’t mine crypto.

Usage in Win10 Task Manager while playing eve:
CPU: around 36% to 40%
memory: 7.3/12 GB (61%)
GPU: 2%-3%(55℃)

change setting to interval one and if you have windows game mode on, turn it off.

Ah, I didn’t even realize it was that old. That’s indeed the likely issue, then.

Windows Game mode is off (Never turned it on). Interval one is on. FPS still not changing.

And yes, I do know my cpu is very old. So my cpu doesn’t have any chance to get a stable FPS even with the lowest graphic setting?

It’s an assumption but probably true. Xeon processors are used in servers so they have special characteristics while lacking others, on top of that it’s age old so it’s bound to be slow (even if it was fast back then) and/or missing some key capabilities.

Then there’s the mainboard it’s plugged in to which is also highly specific for Xeon processors, the 12GB is a bit of a give away as well about what kind of odd setup it is. It’s highly likely it’s not really supported either.

You’re using an age old setup that never was meant for any normal use. Perhaps create a ticket and ask if it should be able to run on your hardware, also mention the mainboard brand and type if you can.

my mac is very old
the fans are dead
wen i log in in EVE it overheat
i have to wait like 10/15 minutes at 5fps so the computer thermal throttle and lower it voltage and them
boom , normal gameplay, for any time i like, wen i turn the game off , i have to wait the same 15 minuts again to play
maybe you are having some heating problems
check it out

Temperature range of CPU are around 76-89℃ while playing eve and never above 90℃.

y tho

cause macs are real computers
windows is for people who work in accountant offices

i will buy a new one at the end of the year if all works as intended

i use macs since 2009 , i buy a new one every 5ish years …

That is far too high, check if the cpu fan still runs. If it does then power down and get your vacuum cleaner and hold it against the cpu cooling block, moving around a bit to remove all the dirt (all this nonsense about how you have to treat your PC like it’s going into space with special gloves and all that is really just nonsense).

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If you’d have a real computer you could have replaced the fans for like threefiddy :stuck_out_tongue:

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im lazy
plus real computers works with no fans :stuck_out_tongue:

My calculator can get 5fps.

i need 4 fps to kill you



Ok that tickbox looks cool.

its really nice

Update: Now I’m having a stable 45-55 FPS, so weird…

Maybe there was too many ships surrounded me yesterday.