How to maintain correct FPS

I’ve been beating my head against the wall trying to figure out why I can only have insanely high FPS or extremely unstable FPS. I am running a 5700xt GPU.

I’ll try to keep this brief… I have been playing in Fixed Window, and I’ve also tried Window Mode. I have the same issue in both. I have two monitors, which I constantly use. So fullscreen isn’t really an option. I need to see EVE while on my 2nd monitor. I am running 2560x1440 on a 144 Hz monitor. I have confirmed it is set to 144 Hz on both the monitor and Windows. I’ve tried with Vsync and Enhanced Vsync both on and off. I’ve tried limiting FPS in the Radeon software. None seem to have any effect on EVE, it just does what it wants.

When set to Interval Immediate, I’m running at a blazing, stable 240ish FPS. This causes my GPU to run at max constantly creating heat issues. I have no need from 240, I want 144. I read interval one is supposed to set EVE to match your system refresh rate. Radeon shows my FreeSync range is 48-144 Hz. When I set EVE Interval One, my FPS appears to attempt lock in at 144, but it bounces all over from 130-200 FPS. Causing my GPU to constant spool up and down. How do I force it to 144 Hz?!

Someone please help!! I hope someone has dealt with this issue before. I can’t be the first.

I seem to have a bit of a work around. Not sure why I had to do this, but I normally allow my GPU to use the full 50% power limit. EVE must just want to run it at full power all the time. I dropped the limit to 10%, and I’m still have crazy high FPS. But, the heat is staying much lower. I guess I’ll need to remember to change my settings every time I load up EVE…

If someone finds an alternative method. Let me know!

There is a graphic setting, change it to “interval one”, it may help.


I’ve done this, that’s when the FPS becomes unstable. In immediate it’s very stable, but just way faster than it needs to be. 240+FPS and rock stable. I go to Interval One, it bounces from 40-200 FPS, and everywhere in between.