Interval One setting not working properly when EVE has focus

I already submitted a bug report for this (EBR-154020) but figured I would post here in case anyone else has had the same problem and maybe knows how to fix it. TL;DR: The Interval One setting is not working for me, but only when EVE has focus (it works when EVE is visible but doesn’t have focus).

I recently upgraded to a GTX 1070 ti graphics card. The exact model is EVGA 08G-P4-5670-KR. Drivers are up to date.

Everything is lovely except that EVE does not appear to limit the frame rate appropriately when the Eve window has focus. My monitor (Dell U2415m) is running at 59hz, yet when I am playing Eve I am regularly getting 100-300 fps. I have also tested this on two other monitors (Dell U2412 and an old Acer model I don’t know the model number of) with the same results, so it appears to be something about EVE’s interaction with the graphics card rather than the monitor not properly reporting the refresh rate or something. Having eve in Windowed, Fixed Window, or Fullscreen mode makes no difference.

When the Eve window is visible but not in focus (for example, when I’m typing a bug report in my web browser on the second monitor) the FPS is properly limited to ~60fps. It is only when the Eve window has focus that the frame rate takes off.

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