Framerate limiter

Hello there,

I would like to propose the inclusion of an in-game frame rate limiter.

I’ve recently started playing EVE on the got on a MacBook Pro 14 M1, and while the game runs extremely well at max graphics, trying to render a game like EVE Online at over 60 frames per second puts an unnecessary battery drain. On my regular PC I can get around this using the Nvidia control panel, but I think it would be easier to integrate a limiter within the client itself, as most games do these days.

Thank you very much.


Have you changed your Present Interval in the Display and Graphics settings to Interval One? That limits your FPS to 60.



Thank you very much for your response.

My Present Interval is seated to Interval One. Unfortunately that doesn’t limit my FPS to 60, but matches the refresh rate of the active monitor. For the MacBook Pro 14 that would be 120 Hz, which is totally overkill for EVE. When I use an external monitor or my main PC, I have the same problem, since it’s also a high refresh rate panel.

The only solution left is to lower the refresh rate of the monitor (or access the Nvidia Control Panel EVE settings), which doesn’t seem like a reasonable sacrifice to make for a single game that doesn’t integrate a simple option.

I don’t know about mac’s, but Nvidia and AMD allow you to set maximum frame rates for individual games.


Thank you very much for your responde.

That’s what I do on PC, but it would be easier and universal to have an in game frame rate limiter.

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