Limit FPS option (background / foreground)

Hi all.

It would be great if we could limit it as in WoW.

example 1:
I set up an eye on a gate and don’t need 60 fps system drain. I would love 8 fps ) No CPU, no GPU drain.

example 2:
I don’t need 60 fps in foreground with CPU/GPU vents spinning. 30-40 are great and keep CPU / GPU cool and fans quiet. I can do it with nvidia inspector, but native option would be great.

In WoW, you have 2 sliders. Background FPS limit and foreground fps limit.
Perhaps this option can be added.


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Game should, as far as I know, have a build-in Background FPS limit in place. However there isn’t an option in the settings to adjust it to any specific limit. It could also very well be that it’s a function of Windows that limits the CPU/GPU resources when programs are minimized.

You can try play around with the Present Interval settings in ‘Display & Graphics > Display’ and see what that does for you :slight_smile:

I’ve asked my fellow ISD members. The “Present Interval” is EVE’s version of V-sync and the ‘Interval One’ setting limits the FPS at 60 (or to the Hz of your monitor), while the ‘Interval Intermediate’ is unlimited FPS. So sounds like there isn’t a build-in Background FPS limit other than what the OS might have

I know that in at least one (old!) graphics API, you could set swap interval to more than one refresh cycle, which would result in what you’re describing on ye olde fixed-refresh-rate CRTs. Not sure DX11 has such a feature. I’m halfway convinced the graphics settings used to have present intervals up to 4, but that was a while ago so maybe not.

With adaptive sync technologies (Gsync/Freesync), you’d almost have to have a framerate limit independent of screen refresh because the screen doesn’t have a fixed refresh rate (though it does still have a max refresh rate imposed by hardware).

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