Problem with FPS limit - Present Interval

I have a problem with FPS limit - Present Interval - not working. With G-sync compatible monitor (AOC 2590G4) and GTX 1070 Ti, the FPS soars to 500ish, despite changes to Present Interval.

According to posts on forums I should think “Interval One” is the recommended, since that apparently is the equivalent of V-sync, limiting FPS to that of the monitor, in my case 144Hz.

I’ve also tried Interval 2-4, but alas, that did nothing.

Rendering @ 500 FPS is putting a strain on my GFX card, and in essence making dual or triple logging impossible without using other means to limit FPS.

I’ve found a 3rd party app called Riva Tuner Statistics Server, RTSS, that limit frame rendering for me. However, I do not like using other apps to control my game, as it could be seen as cheating or in other ways a violation of EULA. Naturally I do not want that.

So - am I the only one with this issue?? And is it okay to use RTSS?

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Are you saying that setting it to interval one did not limit the fps?

Do you have some software in play which lies about the refresh rates of your monitors?

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Interval one does nothing in fullscreen; frame rate reaches around 500 shortly after logging in.

Software that lies about refresh rate?
The in-game FPS counter reports the exact same as the RTSS - the 3rd party software I use.

Adjusting RTSS changes in-game FPS, and it is very audible also; the fan noise and GPU temperature drops when using the 3rd party frame limiter.

I was asking about software, because interval one limits to the refresh rate of the screen. If that’s misreported to eve, then it wont work.

Other than that, no idea I’m afraid

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The only difference I have is between Fullscreen and Windowed, and I discovered that now, taking screenshots and testing.

In Window mode, FPS is limited to 144Hz both in Interval One and Immediate, while Fullscreen has no limit and FPS goes to 500ish. See screenshots:

Sounds to me that you only have G-SYNC enabled for window mode as that is the default in Nvidia drivers.

You need to change this to include full screen and it should be ok.

Thank you for reply.

I just checked the driver settings, and they are as they should be, with G-Sync enabled for both windowed and full screen.

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