Feature Request: Frame Rate Limiter

So, I got an M1pro MBP and it works great with the new MacOS client, even under Rosetta. I routinely get 120-160fps while dorking around in HiSec. At maximum settings, my laptop does get pretty hot and the game chews through the battery pretty quickly (say 2hrs of play time?). It would be great if we could (optionally) rate limit the client to 60, 30 or even 24 fps to go a bit easier on the hardware. So long as the UI remains responsive, I can’t imagine the lower frame rates would materially impact gameplay.

Doesn’t the Interval One setting in ESC > Display & Graphics > Display > Present Interval limit your FPS to 60?

Downside of a 120Hz screen!

I can disable ProMotion in the Displays control panel and that would probably work, but that’s a pretty janky solution.

The client does offer additional framerate dividers for V-sync mode, e.g. “Interval Two”. However I’m not sure what actually triggers the client to expose those.

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Off-topic (sorry), but just an FYI: the game client itself is all native, even on M1 chips! The only thing running on Rosetta is EVE Launcher, which I think no one cares that it does.

Interesting! I just saw a previous post that the M1 port was “coming after” and then the prompt to install Rosetta and just assumed that was what’s up. Either way, the client feels great.

I have a 14" M1 Max MBP connected to an LG 3840x1600 ultrawide (usb-c to displayport). I use SwitchResX software to control resolution / refresh rate etc SwitchResX - YouTube

The monitor has a max of 144hz refresh. I have it set to 75hz and that is what I get in game (set on ‘Interval one’) . I don’t know how switchresx will work with the laptop screen itself. But, there are settings within the software for the native screen. It may be worth a try… :wink:

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