16" MacBook Pro M1 Max (32 core GPU) Performance

I just installed Eve on my new 16” M1 Max (32 core GPU). It gets around 100-ish fps at 4K while orbiting Jita 4-4 with everything on high except anti-aliasing, which is off. With anti-aliasing on high, it drops to around 70-ish fps. I’m not sure why the gap is so large.

At 2560x1440, those numbers are 120-ish and 115-ish fps respectively. All these numbers can vary quite a bit at times (10-20 fps up or down), but are mostly stable.

The fan noise varies from basically unnoticeable on the low end to what a PC laptop gamer would consider quiet on the high end. High power mode doesn’t seem to impact anything.


That sounds awesome, how about in combat situations? How does it run then?

How about 2 clients?

Dual clients work fine. At 2560x1440, I get 80-ish fps for the active client and 48-ish for the secondary client - both orbiting Jita 4-4. I can’t speak to PVP because my old corp closed a while back and I have yet to get back in the game and find out where everyone went. I figure orbiting Jita should provide a decent sense of what small gang fps would look like.


Good news !

I am curious about your memory usage with multiple clients. I typically run 4 and am contemplating whether I can get by with the Macbook Pro Max with 32GB or if I should get the 64GB Ram.

What about The Notch? Does it get in the way of the full screen game?

CCP: Mac native client is released!
Apple: The Notch, “Oh no you don’t!”

2021/22, the year to avoid the Mac perhaps.

Not sure why anybody would pay such a high price for a 16" oversized clamshell mobile phone, we gona put duct tape over the camera anyway.

Good news, if you order the overpriced Apple Cloth now, you can get delivery next year (10-12 week delivery), to wipe away the tears over The Notch.

Memory is no problem with 32GB - each client uses less than 3GB, and I doubt they require all of it to be hardware RAM.

The notch is also not a problem. if you want all your pixels, use fixed window and you get a resolution of 3456x2234 with a notch at the top. If you don’t like the notch, run it in fullscreen and you get 3456x2160 with a larger looking top bezel and no notch.


So basically, the bezel is put back, the very thing they were removing, hence the Notch.

So the bezel is replaced by a hole, and when you go full screen, you replace the notch with a bezel.

Steve Jobs would be rolling in his grave.

I hope their sales and share price plumet tbh on this Mac terrible design.

I would rather have no camera. If they sold a version without the camera, I would bet it would be the top seller.

This is what happens when you try unify a laptop with a mobile phone.

Their next disaster is to embed the cameras into the display panel so people have zero means to cover it.

Came here to attest to the incredible performance, getting between 80-200fps with the highest settings at 3500x2200, looks incredible on the display and the laptop is inaudible too. Possibly the best EVE experience I’ve ever had and makes my Razer Blade Pro 17 look like a silly toy by comparison.

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No sane person whom values quality and longitivity buys Razer products to begin with, so it’s not a high bar to pass anyway.

@Zoiie Please stop derailing this thread, which is about antialiasing performance on an M1 Max MBP.

Those are some impressive numbers @Pouncer! I’m really tempted to get the new MBP, I’m super impressed by the performance numbers and the design choices.

Antialiasing has always been expensive performance-wise, and I think that performance cost is amplified by having to run the game through Rosetta 2, because the new Eve Mac client isn’t M1 native.

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I am curious about the notch re-scaling cludge/hack/workaround effect on performance and playability.

Rescaling resolution is not free of performance cost and it also may get in the way of full screen gaming since it is not a native resolution.

Not everybody plays in window mode nor should they be forced to as a work around.

Pouncer stated that it runs in fullscreen without issues, it simply adds a black bar to the top of the screen to compensate. I like it, you can barely notice it against the black bezels.

I still feel cheated out of native resolution.

Letterboxing, is not a desirable thing on a very expensive product.

An external monitor (without a notch) would be the real solution for full screen gaming (and desktop use without the notch effect).

I am running the 16" M1 Max, 64 gigs of RAM. I haven’t made my way back to Jita, but running around New Eden, some fleets, PVE, etc with all settings cranked I am getting about 108fps consistently. When I cut off AA it stays pegged at 120. I have to hold my ear SUPER close to notice any fan noise what so ever. Super chuffed!

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I’m very curious to hear how this compares to the M1 Pro version – from what I’ve heard and read so far the difference should be fairly small…

I was initially also ogling the 16" M1 Max, but it looks like a 14" M1 Pro already meets my professional needs and I’m not going to pay an extra €1000 just to max out gaming performance on a Mac… :slight_smile:

EVE is pretty much the most demanding game I play anyway, and as long as I can keep fps above 60 I’ll be happy.

Either way this sounds verrry promising, thanks for the update.

On my M1 14" MBP w/pro CPU, I get 120-160 fps running missions around Hek with max settings but lowest resolution. I can’t really see the difference of higher resolutions on the built in screen and they force me to use 200% scaling to read the UI.


I do something similar — currently playing at 2560x1440 fullscreen on an external 4K monitor (playing at the monitor’s native resolution would melt my current laptop in minutes…), with UI scaled up a bit.

When you say lowest resolution I assume you mean 1024x768? Feels rather smallish, but on a 14" screen I guess it would work.

I may still go for the Max in the end (can connect 1 more external monitor…), but thanks for the feedback!

Vorian, I’m also thinking about the 14" Pro for similar reasons, please let me know if you and out anything more!