16" MacBook Pro M1 Max (32 core GPU) Performance

On the 14”, the lowest resolution is 1920x1200. I can’t really see a quality difference between that and higher resolutions on a screen that size. I could see wanting to go higher for a 16" laptop, or if I were younger and had better eyes.

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Do you have multiple accounts? If so, could you report on the performance while multiboxing? Thanks!

I’ll give it a go to, will have one account running at the native resolution on the 16", and one running on an external monitor.

Sorry, only one Omega account.

3 accounts open, 2 at the Beanstar sitting outside the Keepstar and 1 running missions for the SOE Epic Arc, still never dropped below 100fps with all settings cranked.

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All these makes me super excited to get my Mac upgraded!

Quick update:

In terms of size I have decided to go with the 16” after all. It’s no bigger than my current device (2015 15" MBP), and on those occasions where I’m on the go and don’t have an external monitor to work on it’s nice to have that extra bit of screen real estate.

The Pro should meet my professional needs (mostly graphic design-related, plus some web development and occasional video editing).

But I do like to connect several devices (monitor, drawing tablet, …), and going for 1TB storage + upping the RAM to 32GB would bring the price so close to the basic M1 Max… I may as well go that extra mile, get the Max’ extra GPU cores and the 16-incher’s bigger battery, and not have to worry about hooking up that extra monitor, or playing EVE at max settings…

I’ll visit a local store to try both models IRL before making my final decision. And then, after that next paycheck… :slight_smile:

Hi, I have a 16” M1 Max 32 GB RAM. When I press play in the launcher the game doesn’t start, it shows in the activity monitor that the game isn’t responding. Does anyone have an idea as to why this is happening?

So a brand new Mac M1 Max also has issues? Man they messed up this time.

I just bought a MPB 14" M1 with 16gb ram, 24 GPU and 1TB SSD and it works really well.
I usually run 4 accounts at the same time, and it worked fine on my 6 year old iMac, but with 5 accounts open in potato mode, it was almost unplayable.
Now with the new computer, I can run 4 accounts on full quality settings. It is a bit sluggish but it works ok. In potato mode, it works perfectly.

With full quality, it took about 9gb ram to run them (1 monitor is a full hd at 2560x1440, the other is a 4k screen). If both had been 4k, I think it would need about 10gb ram.
The processor was the bottleneck however, with % cpu going over 100% for each client when flying around. In potato mode, the cpu would typically sit around 20-30% cpu per account. Not sure how the math works there, but going over a total of 100% seemed to hit the system hard.
Overall, I’m really happy with how things work…

Did you upgrade to the new Mac native launcher?
I had the same problem on my old Macbook Pro where it did just that, I then realized I hadn’t updated the launcher so it was still trying to start the Wine-version.

I have a 14” M1 Pro. Is there a guide to setting up for our screens?

Issues I’ve seen:

  • runs nice but eats battery alive on full settings. I set everything to low and that helps a lot.
  • HUD is partially cut off at the bottom in full screen mode?
  • Text is unreadably tiny
  • really cramped UI, constantly resizing and switching windows

I have the same machine on the way. Just ordered yesterday so looking at end of Feb ugh. Are you currently having the mouse lag issues or is it running good?

Curious about the screen cut off issue here too. Using the 16” and whatever resolution I select the bottom notification feed button is near totally cut off.

They said in another thread that they’re aware of the issue but don’t have a fix yet because they’re still waiting on their M1P MBP.

Finally, got the new m1pro 14’ base model. EVE is going much better than at iMac 27’, 2019. But the fans is still loud – sometimes, they can speed up to 5500-5800 (this close to max and easily noticeable) when I’am in the dock (at HEK, not at Jita). Does this is ok? I’am using 4k resolution, high settings (60+ FPS on 42’ TV). Not steam version.

Some guys from reddit advice me to drop down resolution.
Will try and update this message.

UPD: Dropped resolution to 1440p and… absolutely silent MacBook! All at high settings, 60FPS. UPD2: moved to Jita and – fans started working like I’am in HEK :-)) set to medium and it’s quiet now. So, optimal settings for base m1pro 14’ model is medium settings, 1440p, interval one.


I was finally able to test this issue on new shiny hardware :slight_smile:
Using the pre-installed macOS 12.01 I could easily reproduce this issue on a 14” MBP M1 Pro, where the screen is cut off. But: After I updated to macOS 12.1 the issue is no longer reproducible. It seems like Apple managed to fix this already on their side.

Could you please check, if this bug is also fixed for you after updating to macOS 12.1?

On my 14" MBP the issue seems to be resolved in 12.1.

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The cutoff issue seems to have resolved itself. I’ll try the lower res.

This thread gave me the confidence to order an M1 Max and give it a try with Eve. I have been using it for a week now, and wanted to share my experience. I typically run a 5K monitor and a 4K monitor with 4 accounts open (2 on each monitor), in addition to the MacBook 16" screen. This is a LOT of pixels to push, and I was concerned about how the GPU cores would perform with the game. Also, my evaluation is in fleets of 100+, with drones and lasers.


  • Graphics Performance: The Eve native client performs beautifully! With graphics settings on high, and Present Interval One, I am getting 30 to 50 fps on all four clients. If I move a client to the Macbook screen, it gets 200 fps.
  • I was able to find mac versions of all the core alliance applications.
  • I love having all my other mac and iphone shareing stuff at my fingertips
  • I got EANM to work after installing Java and unhiding the library directory


  • Eve-o doesn’t work ;-(
  • Mumble overlay doesn’t work, so you can’t see who is talking. I was however able to add my ipad as an additional screen and put mumble on it so I can see who is lighting up.
  • There are a couple other apps like TACO that I haven’t gotten to work. They run in a bottle, but unless I can figure out a way, can’t access the eve client logs. I plan to keep working to see if I can make this work.
  • Every once in awhile I see a graphical artifact, like a blinking light that flares.
  • I have to plug my external monitors directly into my MacBook, as my old docking stations don’t work correctly with the M1.