New 32gig RAM iMac freezing (unplayable)

I just replaced my old iMac with a brand new one, 32gigs of RAM, top of the line specs for the regular 27". My EVE client freezes constantly in 5k, I haven’t tried other graphic settings but I can’t get it to be stable. The old iMac was stable as hell, so what’s up?? I also can’t use window mode, or again; freeze…

Hey mate,

I’ve played EVE for many years on OS X / macOS and always thought I’m fine. A while ago I had to install Windows via Bootcamp for something else and gave Eve a shot, too. While it pains me to run Windows on my Mac I kept it just for EVE. The difference not only in performance but also visual quality is insane. Maybe consider to do your eyes a favor and enjoy Eve on full details in glorious 5k on your wonderful screen.

I’m aware that this doesn’t fix your issue but thought my experience might be interesting for you. Also, you can get Windows licenses under 10 bucks, so I’d say it’s worth a try.

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Is it the 5K mac? I bought one too, seems that the EVE client maxes out at a much smaller amount than the mac has (i have 24GB) so i run it all on preset memory setting to stop it crashing, still happens sometimes though. Seems we have to wait for EVE to catch up with the new mac tech . :frowning:

What graphics memory do you have? is it the model with 4GB, 8GB or more? (iMac Pro)

Don’t think the 4GB option running at 5k is going to be up to the job of running 3d gaming. 4GB would be fine with a prev gen screen rez (like my 2540x1440 Thunderbolt Displays) but the memory needs for 5k essentially go up in a nasty manner (i.e. double the rez, quadruple the memory).

I think the bigger problem is:

CCP keeps adding amazing graphical items to the game, but have yet to move the Mac client to a directs version that will truest support it.
Mac is still on DX9 (if memory serves me right).

They aren’t focued on Mac as the primary machine. Even their “recommanded” hardware is way up there. I used to play the game fine with 512mb GPU (2012 iMac), multiple accounts. Now I read how some people can’t even play with much better hardware.

Found the problem.

2019. Still no solution to the freezing problem.
This is, what… 3 years now?

Can’t wait for the 64-bit client which will obsolete most of the iMacs some of us are still (trying) to play on.

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I think I remember a post which said that freezing can occur because of not sufficient graphics memory. Maybe try to play the game in a lower resolution and with lower graphics quality?

I do have frequent freezing problems as well, and it seems to occur mainly with session changes.

The problem is with Wine, and it’s been an ongoing issue for years (no exaggeration). It doesn’t matter how much memory you have or assign - every undock, dock or jump eventually consumes what little overhead there it is and locks up the client.

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