Anyone playing on a Mac Studio?

Is anyone playing using a Mac Studio? If so, how are you finding the experience? I’ll be moving from a 2017 27" i7 iMac to a Studio Ultra in a few weeks time and am intrigued to know what the Eve performance is like on the Studio.

Running a Studio M1-Ultra, 64 gpu, 64gb ram.
EVE seems to run fantastic, no complaints at all, and no problems that I have noticed.

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Thanks. I’m getting the base Ultra so with a few less GPU cores. I’m hoping it’ll be all good with everything maxed out.

I get one from work soon but cannot choose the model so it is base model M1 Max with 24 GPU. Multiple people tell me this is completely unplayable and likely wont even run EVE.

Is there anything I can do with the lowest GPU core mac studio??

Even the base model m1 Max is a damn fast computer.

Dont assume EVE will run badly on it, just wait and see how it goes.

ok they said the only 24 GPU was just not useable. i will try

I have noticed an audio bug that has happened a few times.
When I warp someplace, and the warping engine sound plays, sometimes, it wont shut off when the warp is complete, even docked its still playing.

I have to quit the game and restart it to get the sound to reset.

My Ultra was delivered last week and I’ve got Eve going.

Everything set to the highest graphics level, using a 60Hz display, it’s sitting maxed at 60fps, barely a drop, even under battle conditions.

They’re talking garbage. It’s playable on my 16Gb M1 MBA with 8 GPU cores. I’ve got the graphics dialled back a bit (some medium, some high) and I get 60fps in dock although it drops a bit when the screen is crowded in space.

I’ve just received my MacStudio (base model) and need to move my installation from on old iMac. I don’t mind downloading the client - I would really like to know where to find my existing client files for my 4 accounts/9 toons so I don’t have to set them up again - thank you :slight_smile:

M1 Ultra Mac Studio here, with max GPU cores and 128GB shared RAM. If I have 4 accounts open and they all dock at the same time, the Mac pretty much locks up until I force quit all instances of the game client. I also observe graphical glitches at this time, like the insides of stations being all orange, and sometimes I get random artifacts after docking. Otherwise, EVE appears to work fine on the M1 Ultra.

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