Can anyone tell how to make eve not render 144 FPS on a screen that is only 60Hz?

My setup is 4 displays on a 3070. One of the monitors runs at 144Hz, the others are standard 60Hz. But for some reason eve disregards active v-sync setting and needlessly sends 144 FPS to a 60Hz screen, whenever an eve client has focus on that screen, which obviously heats and noises up the whole thing.

I remember such a setting, however its not available to me, maybe cus of the window mode?


The 60Hz displays are set up correctly to 60Hz.

No idea you have to dig around for that or someone who knows might reply but I personally don’t know. I run EVE in window mode and I think it has that setting available though, at least last I checked (not in EVE right now so can’t confirm).

Set V-Sync to On.

it is on.

does your graphics card driver utility have settings that override in-game settings?

not that I’m aware of. In the nvidia control panel refresh rate is set correctly to 60 Hz.


I know no other place where to look else other than there.

In nvidia config screen - 3d settings set max frames to 60.

for what I see its a global setting for all displays. Capping it at 60 would mean no shooter games @144Hz on the main screen.

That’s something you have to change when switching games, not ideal but it fixes your problem.
There are probably easier ways to do it, but this is all i know.

In the 3d configuration panel of the nVidia control panel, you can set any setting per program. click the “program settings” tab, find exefile and affect 60 fps to it. This way this limitation wont be global.

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