Verifying Monitor Refresh Rate at 144 HZ

I’m not technically a new EVE player, but I haven’t played in ten years. I just installed the EVE client for the first time since 2011 or so.

I have a 144 hz monitor on my gaming rig. Please note I am not talking about graphic frame rate, but MONITOR REFRESH rate.

Some games I have - apparently including EVE - do not seem to allow you to set the monitor refresh rate specifically in the game. It is sometimes difficult to tell if the game is changing the REFRESH rate on me.

I know I can play in windowed mode but I would like to play in full screen mode. I would like to verify that the full screen mode EVE is starting is at the correct (144 hz) REFRESH rate instead of downgrading me to 60 or 70 hz. There doesn’t seem to be an option in the graphical settings of EVE to specify this.

There is a utility called FRAPS that shows an OSD which may include monitor frequency, but I’m reluctant to install that since it hasn’t been updated since 2013.

Oh, I have an NVIDIA TITAN video card.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

In-game, hit ESC > Display&graphics and on the left side there is a setting called “Present interval”. Set that to “interval 1” and it should make the game run at your screens refresh-rate. If it sticks to 60 Hz, then you need to change your screen settings from windows itself first.


Is there a problem with it? Just because something isn’t commited to in years, doesn’t mean it stops working. It may just be stable enough to not need updates.

Also check alternatives here

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ctrl + f

to show fps in game.

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to show the in game monitor.

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Wander: I’m looking for a way to determine what the monitor FREQUENCY is at while the game is running. I don’t want to assume, or set something to “interval 1” unless it shows me what the monitor frequency is at during the game. Saying something “should” do something is not the same as telling me what the actual monitor frequency is during the game.

Emotional: Regarding FRAPs, I don’t even know if it handles monitor FREQUENCY, that wasn’t really a thing ten years ago. Today, it is. I don’t want to install software that has not been updated for ten years on my machine, though. Regarding your second comment, that hotkey does show some great information about game resources. However, it does not mention monitor FREQUENCY settings. It does mention FPS (frames per second), which is NOT what I’m talking about. That is a great tip, though it doesn’t answer my question.

Small Kitty Paws: I’m not talking about FPS.

I do appreciate all the replies so far though. I do.

Perhaps you can jury rig up something in PowerShell? See Use PowerShell to Discover Multi-Monitor Information - Scripting Blog

Also a similar tool to Conky on Linux/BSD for Windows is DesktopInfo which can display output from your PowerShell scripts here Windows equivalent of Conky - DesktopInfo - polv's coding blog and

Building your own tool can be fun and with PowerShell, it shouldn’t be difficult.

Also you can use Git to manage scripts.

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You are. Having high refresh rate capable monitor means nothing if your application can’t even how that much fps.

It should be same as your Windows settings. This is how EVE works. And other people are suggesting “interval” settings (which works similar to v-sync). So you can see what is your in game fps cap. And as you call it “frequency” is nothing more that amount of FPS your monitor can display to you. Having higher frequency by itself (without matching FPS), literally has zero effect.

I would strongly suggest using google and educating yourself about correlation between display refresh rate and fps. Because it looks like you are hunting issue that don’t exist. And misunderstanding is only effect of not understanding technology behind it

The refresh rate is the number of times per second (Hertz) that a display (monitor) changes the picture it shows. Typical values are 50-60 Hz, 72 Hz, 85 Hz, etc., where’s in frame rate, refers to the number of images generated by a computer in one second. The frame rate is measured in frames per second or FPS. They are two different things.

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If you set the “interval 1” setting, it will tie your FPS to your monitors refresh-rate. Then the readout from Ctrl-F will show your your monitors refresh-rate. This will only apply if your computer will be able to reach enough fps to get to your screens refresh-rate.

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They are. But unless OP is playing on CRT monitor. Only frame rate limit is a factor.

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True. Only it depends why he’s hung up on hertz instead of fps, that’s what I’m wondering.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Without getting down to individual responses, here’s what I’ve found so far.

If I choose display “Present Interval” to be “Immediate” in my EVE client settings and then use control-F to display my frame rate, I get 415 FPS in the station and about 380 out in space with some infrequent split second drops as I exit warp. The vast majority of the time (99%+) it’s between 380 and 415 FPS. This is a significantly higher frame rate than the maximum capable refresh rate of my monitor, which is 144 Hz. FPS is not a limiting factor for me on this rig.

Emotional Support Clown: The Blur Busters site is nice. However, it only shows what is going on in Windows mode. Once a game client takes over as “Full Screen” and not “Windows Mode” all bets on the refresh rate of the monitor are off. I have some games that allow me to set the actual refresh rate of the monitor in full screen mode. Some do not allow me to see or set this information in the game itself. Of those that do NOT, SOME games appear to actually downgrade my monitor frequency to 60 or 70 hz while in full screen mode in game, regardless of my GPU’s frame rate. My goal here is to ensure that while in full screen mode in the EVE client, the game client is not CHANGING my actual monitor frequency as it is normally set in Windows (at 144 Hz on for my monitor).

Based on my own observation and perceived eye strain and perceived visual performance, I do currently think that the EVE client is NOT changing my monitor frequency during full screen mode. However, I have no way to independently CONFIRM this since there is no in-game setting specific to monitor frequency.

That being said, if I change my EVE client settings for Present Interval to Interval 1, the FPS monitor in the EVE client (CONTROL-F) immediately drops and stays at exactly 144 FPS. That, based on other comments in this thread, lead me to believe that my monitor’s refresh rate - while in full screen mode in the EVE client - is indeed at the setting I want it to be - 144 Hz.

While not quite the independent confirmation I was looking for, that is good enough for me for now.

Thanks everyone for your help and your advice.

As an aside, this link has a good comparison of monitor refresh rate vs FPS which, I think we’ll all agree, are not the same things but are “related” in producing an optimal game play experience.

[The Difference Between Refresh Rates and Frame Rates]

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You could try running in borderless fixed window mode rather than full screen? I think Windows does some weird fudge stuff when doing full screen though the fullscreen app has more control.

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Emotional Support Clown: Yep, I know. As long as I don’t let the game client switch me to full screen mode it will not attempt to change my monitor refresh rate either.

The borderless fixed window mode still shows information from my desktop outside the client resolution borders. I just like full screen because it adds a little more ambiance.

Thanks for your help and advice in this thread, I appreciate it!

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